New Fashion Blog for Toddlers Is Totally Addictive

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jasper styleLadies and gentlemen, introducing the new street style blog -- for tots: Ladys & Gents. It's like The Satorialist blog and the Jak & Jil blog got together and made themselves a very serious little baby fashion blog.

So while your toddler drools all over the faded t-shirts handed down from your sister's kids, have a sit-down here with the Internets and peruse what your little darling could be wearing instead if you had any fashion sense at all. Well, fashion sense, an extremely generous clothing budget, and all the time in the world. How ridiculous and pretentious is this blog?!?

I've given myself a headache from rolling my eyes so much. Navy blue Ralph Lauren cardi with orange beanie and wee red English wellies on the beach. Douuod blazer and Isabel Marant t-shirt with Stella McCartney jeans and an expertly tied Makie scarf. All Saints quilted jacket with leggings and 10IS sneakers -- I mean, tennis pour enfants. Bonpoint, Bonpoint, Bonpoint, BONPOINT.

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There's just something gross and precious about the conspicuous consumption of transitory children's clothing. Kids wear clothes for 10 minutes before they grow out of them. We're in a recession. I feel like throwing my orangutan poo out of my cage when I see blogs like this.

Maybe it's because my own kid has thwarted all my attempts at styling him at all. We went through a whole year where he wore every single t-shirt inside-out because he wanted everything to be PLAIN. I just got him to wear a scarf for the first time in his life this winter -- and he's NINE, and it was only because it was freezing out. His idea of a fashion statement is to slowly work "thumb holes" in the cuffs of his shirt sleeves. This is something he actually does: He digs holes into his cuffs where his thumb pokes out. And then eventually the hole gets bigger and bigger and I have to cut his sleeves short. HE is the reason why he cannot have nice things.

And yet, I cannot look away ...

All right, I admit it. I've been secretly loving this stupid blog the whole time I've been writing. I resist, I resist, I resist. But resistance is futile. I love this freakin' hat my kid would never, ever wear. I actually want to copy this navy blazer, red and white sweater, and pink tights look. I bought my baby niece a Makie scar for Christmas this year (BLUSH). This kid is clearly just another Brooklyn hipster doofus, but in a really age-appropriate way.

Anyway. You get my point. I hate/love this kiddie fashion blog. I just do.

Do you love styling your kids, or are a clean t-shirt and pants good enough for you?


Image via Adriana Velez

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handy... handy0318

While I've always bought my kids a few new outfits (mainly from Target) each season, most of their clothes are handmedowns from friends, or come from clothing swap shops or thrift stores...

And the thing is, they dressed pretty much the way these little tots are dressed...the one picture of the girl in sweater, leggings and rubber boots? That was practically a uniform for my daughter when she was that age and I sure as heck wasn't out $155 bucks for the look.

I honestly don't see anything all that special in the clothing, I really don't.  

nonmember avatar Marie C. Alpert

I'd love to buy my kids new clothes.. they're so adorable..! :)

nonmember avatar Boys Tuxedo

I know what you are talking about. Once you get something cute for your little boy you want to dress up in more things!

MamaB... MamaBear2cubs

We love our thrift stores,so much cute stuff there.

elasmimi elasmimi

My 6 y/o has been "styling" herself for 2 years now, and does a darn good job. She wears Ralph Lauren, Hannah Anderson, and Lily Pulitzer. And does it all on the cheap, because I only shop consignment sales and thrift stores.

Chari... Charizma77

It's fun, I like buying them clothes

LOswa... LOswald0314

If I can style them on a budget, sure.  There's no need for fancy name brands for toddler...Carters is just as cute.

dusky... dusky_rose

I'm not sure where the link to this blog is, but my son is a jeans and shirts kind of kid.

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