3-Year-Old Takes Hide & Seek to a Whole New Level (Where Is She?!) (VIDEO)

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hiding toddlerWhen it comes to playing hide-and-seek with toddlers, things can get interesting ... or not. Some have a difficult time realizing that just because they can't see you when they close their eyes, it doesn't mean you can't see them. So you try "not" to see them over and over again.

Others are sneakier and a bit terrifying with the creative and sometimes precarious places they choose to hide. But 3-year-old Scarlett, the girl in the following video, gets it just right. Using her "ninja-like" skills (as her parents describe them on YouTube), she picks a hiding place so perfect, no one would ever guess where she is.

"Has anyone seen Scarlett?" her parents call out. There's no word. Then all of a sudden, you see her emerge from the most unexpected place.

Did you expect that? I was thinking she'd pop out of a cupboard or drop from the ceiling or something, but didn't see that coming at all.

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Just a cute little start for your Monday. And if your kids are home from school due to snow, it may be a good time to strike up a game of hide-and-seek and see where you find them.

What's the craziest place you've ever found your children hiding?


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truth... truthrowan

My kids tend to hide when we ARE NOT playing hide a seek. When my oldest was 2, we put him to bed in his toddler bed. I checked on him, he was fine, an hour later my husband checked on him, and he was GONE. All the windows were shut and locked, the doors were locked, but we couldnot find him. After completely tearing our house apart, (Dumping out laundry baskets, emptying closets and cabinets) And calling the police, as we let them into the door, we found him. He'd gotten out of his bed, and climbed into ours, which was against a wall, climbed under the fitted sheet and matress pad and inbetween the bed and the wall without disturbing the sheets and blankets more than a little. My husband actually found him because he flipped the mattress up because he was so scared and pissed, and out from under the mattress protector rolled our son, sound asleep. Flash foward 3 years to this December, and in the space of a few days our second boy fell asleep after he climbed into a corner between the two benches of our breakfast nook table (maybe 18x18x18 inches) and I was dialing 911 when my husband found him. Two days later, our daughter climbed behind some laundry baskets in our laundry room and fell asleep, we looked there twice and only found her when our oldest (now 5) spotted her baby doll between the baskets. 

Irela... Ireland69

that is so funny truthrowan.  You brought back memories.  I did the same thing to my parents but i got in the pillows and fell asleep my parents were looking for me everywhere I didn't know cause i was asleep above their heads.  I put two pillows together and got in the cases.

RoseFan1 RoseFan1

oh...not looking forward this stage. LOL.

ratch... ratchetlee

I thought where she was was pretty obvious....... LOL

I knew with in a couple seconds where she was!

Andre... Andreamom001

What a silly story.  It was TOTALLY OBVIOUS where she was the whole time!!!  Good grief.  Way to make a story out of nothing.

nonmember avatar Mickey

That was really cute

elasmimi elasmimi

When my oldest was 3, we were living in Germany. We weren't playing hide and seek, (at least I didn't know we were) and I could not find her anywhere. We had the whole neighborhood searching and were just about to call the police, when she crawled out of a kitchen cabinet.

Leele... Leelee1008

My boys didnt really play. but there was one time that my oldest hid in a coat rack at a store. scared me Shhh less...

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