Sweet Video Shows How a Toddler on the Move Is Really a Dancer in Disguise (VIDEO)

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baby interpretive dance They say a body in motion tends to stay in motion, and as any mom can tell you, that's definitely true of little kids: As soon as they start moving, they don't stop. They toddle, they step, they roll, they flop, they spin, they wiggle ... it's like life is one big interpretive dance performance.

So I'm not surprised that when Brooklyn mom and modern dance choreographer Alexandra Beller brought her 14-month-old son Ivo to rehearsal one day, the adorable boy ended up inspiring a whole new piece.

Honestly, I'm not sure who's funnier to watch -- Ivo or the male dancer who can't help but copy the little guy's facial expressions as well as his moves.

Ivo should totally teach his own dance class. Or maybe we should all follow in his footsteps and remember how much fun it was to dance our way through the day.

Is life one big dance to your toddler?

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gridi... gridironsmom

Cute. The kid was probably wondering why the heck the adults were doing everything he was. Lol

Mamab... MamabearC

If the kid had been following the adult dance moves instead of vice versa then I think it would be cute and funny.As it is;them just copying every move the baby makes, isn't all that impressive, it's just a baby being a baby and adults who look like morons.On the upside,not only does the cute baby look like he's happy hanging out  but maybe having him around dance from such an early age will mean that there's at least ONE white boy who can find the beat and dance without looking like a spaz.Though..if all they teach him is interpretive dance, then there goes the 'not looking like a spaz' part..LOL.

nonmember avatar j5s

Mamabear on your profile page it says you try to teach your children right from wrong and to not judge other people. The video was a nice way to show how they included the boy into their class. He seemed well cared for and happy. I bet your children would have enjoyed watching it, mine did. And my white son has been dancing sense he was 1.5 years old, he is now 11 and looks nothing like a "spaz".

melis... meliscool72

LOL "oh wow they are doing what I am doing, wonder what I can get them to do" 2 seconds later "Oh they are boring me" LMAO. That kids was cute, however, the way he was moving and them following almost seemed like an actual dance

Saundra Lehman

That was so cool. Forget the naysayer down there that said it was unimpressive. I love how it all fell into place...and Ivo at the end realized a little that they were copying him, so he hammed it up a bit!

Judith K Littles

Sweet, I wonder what Ivo thought about these adults.

nonmember avatar Lora

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