Tipsy Mom Gets Stuck in High Chair & Fire Department Has to Rescue Her (VIDEO)

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mom stuck in high chairPoor Serena Curtis. All the 31-year-old mother wanted to do was kick back and have a few drinks to unwind with her girlfriend.

According to The Sun, the kids were being taken care of by someone else, so the pair started sipping vino. And kept sipping -- polishing off about two bottles between them. So what kind of crazy conversation they had that led to her crawling into her son's high chair we can only imagine.

I'm sure they had a good laugh ... until she realized she was stuck in there. I mean REALLY stuck.

So stuck, in fact, that after an hour of her friend trying to free her, the fire department had to be called to rescue her. Talk about humiliating mom moments. How exactly do you explain something like that?

Her friend, Jade Dickerson, filmed the whole thing, which I'm sure Curtis appreciated. But it's pretty damn funny -- especially the shots of her still stuck in the chair and smoking a cigarette. And really, when it comes to something like this, the only thing you can do is laugh. Motherhood is a crazy gig, and sometimes moms get a little crazy too.

The video has no sound unfortunately, but it still gives you a pretty good idea of just how ridiculous the whole situation was.

So beware moms with wine in your sippy cups. Leave the toddler gear for the toddlers, lest you become the next viral video du jour.

What's the craziest situation you've found yourself in since becoming a mom?


Image via The Sun

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Doomy234 Doomy234

Lol. Well, definitely wasnt drunk at the time, but my sister and I each took turns trying to fit into one of those TinyTikes red and yellow plastic cars. Luckily we both got out fine, but I almost got stuck. Good times.

CPN322 CPN322

Man, that looks so uncomfortable. Her poor back!

kelti... kelticmom

Oh my lord, that is hilarious. Humiliating for her, but hilarious. My sister tried to fit herself into my son's bumbo seat and nearly got it stuck on her bum, but at least that was an easy fix. lol

littl... littlebabybliss

Why didn't they tip the chair to the ground so she could slither out?

melis... meliscool72

that is way too funny, however, my friends would take the first chance to actually video tape something like that and vice versa

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

drunk people don't always see the obvious, littlebabybliss... otherwise this would not have ended with such a hilarious story for those firemen! haha

Moogi... Moogie1005

I would be breaking out the screw gun and other hand tools. No phone calls here.

Anglw... Anglwatchinme

Littlebabybliss I was thinking the same thing.. tip the chair over gently and put your foot on the chair and pull her out or like you said let her slither out. 

court... courtneycatt

I wasn't drinking but I was eating when I was home alone in another country with my toddler while my husband was deployed with non-English speaking neighbors WHEN I CHOKED!!! There was no one around to help so I had to give myself the heimlich on the back of a chair.  Not cool to know you cannot breath while your son is sitting there looking at you!

Lynn Fleury

load her will some oil or get the jig saw out. noway id be calling the FD for that

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