Restaurant Serves 3-Year-Old Turkey Sandwich Containing Shards of Glass

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turkey sandwichApparently Subway is not having the best week ever. First there was the lawsuit over those 11-inch foot-long sandwiches, now there's the mom who claims her 3-year-old daughter ate a Subway turkey sandwich with shards of glass in it. Now that's something lawsuit-worthy (an inch-less sandwich, really?!).

According to her mom, the little girl "suffered cuts to the roof of her mouth, cheek, and tongue after eating half a six-inch turkey sandwich from Subway last week." Luckily an ultrasound ruled out any internal damage -- not to imply that there's anything "lucky" about getting a mouthful of glass at lunch, but still. It's also a good thing the kid stopped eating after a mere three inches, as her mom (together with a doctor) discovered SEVEN MORE pieces of glass in the remaining sandwich.


As a mom, this story terrifies me -- not because the sandwich came from Subway, because I never go there anyway, but because it serves as a reminder that whenever we serve our kids food we didn't prepare ourselves (sometimes even food we DID prepare ourselves), there's an element of risk.

Like when my daughter was about 2 years old, and she got salmonella from a container of pre-cut cantaloupe chunks. I won't mention the name of the establishment where we purchased the melon, but I will say it's a store known for its high standards and one I still shop at regularly. Sure, I avoided the cantaloupe for a few years as a result, but the fact is this sort of thing can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. Life is full of risks, even seemingly low-risk lives which involve plenty of precautions (and even paranoia). And sometimes we don't realize the risk factor (or care) until we have kids. At which point we might want to lock ourselves and our children in the closet for safekeeping, but obviously we can't.

I feel for the mom of the girl who ate glass, because life will be extra-scary for a little while. But I'm sure someday she'll eat another turkey sandwich. Maybe not from Subway, though.

What's the scariest thing you've ever found in your kid's food?


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lovem... lovemyson1224

I question if this is not the mother just trying to get money. Subway makes the sandwiches in front of you. Their stuff all comes out of plastic bags. I could be wrong and hope I am but I find it hard to believe that much glass was in the sandwich and none got in her stomach.

Desireé Gray

I realize this is a blog and not the New York Times but the way the title is written it seems that the turkey is 3 years old. A little editing goes a long way.

bella... bellacazzate

^^Exactly. This site has some of the worst grammatical errors. It's embarrassing. And misleading! I was sincerely interested in this 3-year-old sandwich full of glass!

work4... work4mickey

I'm not suprised at all. Most subway franchises pay minimum wage and give less than 20 hrs per week. Under those conditions, it's impossible to attract quality employees. Many are careless. My husbands friend worked at one. He got fired for wrapping a knife in with one of the sandwiches. I don't even know how that happens & I've worked at a subway myself.

Vegeta Vegeta

Not to blame the victim here but, I managed a sub shop before, and I'm pretty familiar with subways layout and packaging. Unless the glass was in the precut turkey from the factory and the glass was so thin - somehow missed by all - cause they fold the meat slices one by one onto the sandwich. I cant think of anything that's made of actual glass comming into contact with the food at the store (the spit shields are now plastic as they fold down to create a refrigerator when not in use and the bread oven doors are shatterproof). I find it extremely more likely that a knife was in the sandwich, as a previous commenter mentioned. Although there was plenty of glass in all of our food when some drunk guy decided to make my store a drive thru, and the entire glass front of the store fell in. But I digress, I think the mom (is that word still applicable for someone who feeds their kid glass?) Planted it and is looking for money.

youth... youthfulsoul

I got a full size latex glove in my salad at a steakhouse. 

isaac... isaacs.mommy

poor baby i work at a subway id fill horrible if that happened. :(

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

Some people really are cynical. I thought I was cynical but I'm having trouble with the fact that people assume the mother FED her child glass and forced her to chew it BEFORE they assume it an error at the Subway. Is it a plot that she formed with the doctor as well? The doctor is backing the mother, and they are trained to ask a child what happened in odd situations. Does the child in question have late-developing speech? Why would  somebody not know? The Subway story is MUCH easier to believe than the conspiracy theory. Maybe the child took a bite, chewed, and spit it out because it CUT her mouth and told her mother and that accounts for the lack of glass in her stomach, armchair M.D.s.

Bridg... Bridget1981

Thank God the little girl is going to be ok.  I have to agree with the editing comment.  I thought, before reading, that it was the sandwich that was 3 yrs old.

sunmo... sunmoonandstar

My brother found a glass shard in(on) A burger at Red Robin. We think it may have actually been frozen to his drink glass and slid off while drinking. He didn't eat any of it, the manager apologized and gave him a new meal. We made a lot of jokes.

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