Forget 'Relaxation Therapy' for Toddlers -- Just Give Mommy Some Wine

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Strapped in the car seat?? You POOR BABY!!
The toddler life is stressful, y’all. Play date after play date, cheerios to be crushed into the carpet and blamed on your baby brother, and endless piles of blocks to be stacked and knocked over. And nap time? Fuhgeddaboudit.

Now some British children at least have a solution to coping with their mad, crazy lives in relaxation therapy. That’s right -- kids as young as three are learning how to self soothe through techniques like massage and fairytale visualization. The hope of these sessions is that the preschoolers will be able to “rid themselves of ‘negative energy.’”

The hour-long classes are run by sisters Nicola Lamb and Cheryl Williams at the Lev Inspire Centre in the Manchester area of North West England. Nicola, a former mental health worker and mother of one, says:

I had been looking for ways to prevent children getting mental health problems and this is a way of doing that without using medication … kids today are so busy they don’t get time out, rushing around in and out of school and rates of mental health illnesses amongst children are so much higher.

Well ok then. I didn’t realize that normal three-year-olds had problems that couldn’t be solved with setting appropriate boundaries and providing chocolate milk. Of course being three is stressful (although arguably not as stressful as it is for the parents of a three-year-old), and in our house we’ve often referred to it as BBS -- Baby Bipolar Syndrome.

They’re just trying to figure out their world, and that’s an emotional thing. Of course they’re going to have meltdowns. Older children and adults need therapy to learn to cope with the world around them, but for toddlers, that’s just called growing up. That’s what toddlers do -- they grow and mature, and through guidance and interactions with others, learn how to navigate life with as few breakdowns as possible.

Actual lessons in baby-back rubbing and fairytale visualization sound like they’re really just parenting classes. Of course rubbing your kids back and telling them a story relaxes them -- that’s why we do it at bedtime. That’s not therapy; it’s called good parenting.

Will kids benefit from classes like this? Sure. Do they need them? Nope. They just need attentive parents. I do, however, know some moms and dads that could use a course or two in how to handle a tantrum-throwing toddler. Hint: It doesn’t involve buying that ice cream they’re screaming over.

Would you consider enrolling your child in relaxation therapy?

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doodledo doodledo

If my kid was stressed out I would consider it. Ive seen plenty of stressed out kids who need it but mine isnt one of them. We have a relaxed and happy family ;)

Mommy... Mommy2justone

I couldn't get passed the horrible picture to read the article. Please, tell who ever that child's parent is, to put her in the car seat correctly. 
Now, to read the article..... 

the4m... the4mutts

Honestly, if our insurance covered something like that, i would put my 6y/o in it. I have 4 kids, and theyre pretty normal kids. But this one... wow, she gets stressed at the thought of a hat dropping, much less if it does get dropped.

Im handling it okay so far, but this summer i am looking into some professional help for myself & her, to help us deal with it a bit easier.

kelti... kelticmom

If you look at how much we put on our young kids nowadays, rushed in and out of the car, drug on errands, sent off to school all day, then classes at night, etc ... Compared to the days where they just played outside or at mom's feet, went to school at kindergarten then came home and played until dark, yes I would say our little one's do get stressed. I see it in my four year old after he's been drug from place to place on busy days.

tuffy... tuffymama

I would personally never diminish or poke fun at bipolar disorder, but that's just me, I guess. I am very close to a few people who suffer horribly with it, and it is no laughing matter.

I'm currently teaching my LO Emotional Freedom Technique to deal with his frustrations. My oldest uses it to counteract the effects of anxiety. It works! I also believe in taking it easy on scheduling a kid. It isn't natural for a child to require a full calendar to function.

purpl... purpleflower514

My 5 year old has a lot of emotion and could use this sort of thing. He has a really hard time calming himself sometimes.

And yeah, that kids needs to be properly restrained in her seat. I'm probably only mentioning it because I think Jenny is a moron.

kansa... kansasmom1978

Teaching a child to relax? It's not going to hurt anything. I would love for my dd to relax and not worry so much. She's only 7, and she has to take care of everyone. She's the baby of the family and seems to worry about all of us. Poor baby. Her heart is so large.

erica... ericahager2005

Yes....yes....yes.....forms of massage called brushing therapy is widely used by occupational therapists to calm kids with autism and/or sensory issues. Its a proven technique and if kids are more relaxed they behave better. Learning to self calm helps sleep which helps overall development and learning. Could nip a lot of issues in the bud just as early interventions do for kids with disabilities.....I think its sad the author puts down and diminishes toddlers issues and their parents concerns however minor.

nonmember avatar anon.lily

Wait, you wrote an article about how you couldn't keep your house clean. You probably shouldn't throw stones in (dirty) glass houses.

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