Parents Who Let 3-Year-Old ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Wrestle Gators Must Be Crazy (VIDEO)

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charlie parkerI bet I know exactly what you're thinking right now: Ohhhh my god! Look at that little boy he's sooo cute I could just YIKES! Is that an actual alligator?! Is it alive?! Please tell me that thing is stuffed. Ohhh my god, that gator's gonna eat that baby's fingers for lunch!!

Yup. That IS an actual, living alligator. And that little boy is more than merely cute, he's 3-year-old Charlie Parker, "Australia's Youngest Wildlife Ranger." (I should hope he's the youngest one!!) Apparently gator-wrangling comes naturally to little Charlie -- his dad, Greg Parker, owns Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia. "We didn't go out to encourage it but he just loves reptiles," says Greg. "Like everybody he's frightened of some things ... others not so much."

Hey, I'm all for encouraging kids to follow their dreams and be confident and live fearlessly and all of that stuff. Really.

I think this little boy is amazing. But, as a mom, would I be able to stand back and snap pics while my 3-year-old son played Crocodile Hunter? HELL NO!!

Look, I'm no expert on alligator safety -- maybe the likelihood of getting severely injured while handling wild animals with exceedingly sharp teeth and strong jaws is as low as getting struck by lightning or abducted by a UFO or something, I don't know. Maybe Charlie and his dad know some secret alligator whispering technique that renders the beasts harmless. Who knows? I'm in no position to judge. It's not like anything bad ever happened to the actual Crocodile Hun -- oh wait. Or hey, look at Siegfried and Roy! Those tigers would never hurt -- damn, forgot about that one, too.

This is sooo cute and scary all at the same time:

Would you let your 3-year-old wrestle live alligators?


Image via mel rose/YouTube

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Vegeta Vegeta

He's an aussie! He'll be fine. Plus those are baby gators (you can hold a gators mouth shut with 2 fingers at that size) they can't do much damage except a scratch or little tail whip.

nonmember avatar Kim

No I would never let my kids do something like that

Krista Milburn

Well for one, it isn't like he's just doing this at random in the wild. He's in a controlled environment with experienced and highly trained adults. The gator is a baby too, which means not very strong yet. Like "Vegeta" said, that's about all the damage they can do. In all honesty, the younger they are introduced, the more used to each other they will get. Later in life, that gator might be his buddy lol. Okay not necessarily but still, it's really not for us to judge what others do with their children (short of say beating or starving them). I used to really like this page, but it seems here lately all it is, is people looking down their noses and passing judgment on things they are ill-informed about, particularly the way others raise their children. I really hope there is more to this page than that....

tbruc... tbrucemom

If he was older and the gator was still the same size I probably wouldn't have a big problem with it. But he's THREE years old. Small gators really aren't very dangerous but they can be when you're talking about a THREE year old handling them. My fiance is a gator hunter so I've been around them a lot. My teenaged daughter even helps him and the gators they get are A LOT bigger than that one. You need the right equipment and knowledge to handle them and not get hurt, something a THREE year old wouldn't comprehend.

LoriJ... LoriJeanPeltier

 I would have CPS on those parents,he is a baby not 16 years old!!!!

LoriJ... LoriJeanPeltier

What are you people blind??He does have teeth!!!!!

nonmember avatar Thinker

I'm disappointed, I was hoping this was Steve Irwin's little boy. What's he up to these days?

Dvegas Dvegas

WOW I cant believe some of you are ok with a child handling a gator. yes it is small but so is the boy so a a little nip to an adult fine but that wouldn't be  a little nip to a small kid that would be a finger gone if he bites him. Maybe the parents should tape the gators mouth shut while the little boy learns how to handle it and is no longer a child.

Mamab... MamabearC

Absolutely not.  Basically I agree with Dvegas...

Danielle Rhodes-Curtright

I don't see anything wrong with it as long as they're only baby alligators and there are people supervising him. You can hold an alligator's mouth closed with barely any pressure.

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