Dad Uses Vacuum Cleaner to Style His Daughter's Hair (VIDEO)

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dad vaccums girl's hairThis video is short -- just eight seconds -- but I feel pretty confident saying it will blow you away. In it, a dad has come up with the most creative and perhaps ingenious way I've ever seen to do a little girl's hair.

He uses a vacuum cleaner -- a full-sized, regular, sweep-your-floor vacuum -- to create the "perfect" ponytail, and he does it in just five seconds. But as crazy as it is, it actually works. You truly have to see it to believe it. Check it out after the jump.

Pretty amazing, right? I wouldn't call that ponytail perfect, and I'm hoping he cleaned the thing out, but I'm totally impressed ... and highly amused.

I'm actually surprised my husband never thought of this himself. When it comes to girls' hair and dads, the two can be a pretty, uh, interesting match. My husband has definitely gotten better over the years, but there was a time when if I wasn't around, he'd just put a brush and some hair ties in the diaper bag, and ask the first friendly preschool teacher or woman with decent-looking hair he'd see to help him out, a.k.a. do it for him. When he tried doing it himself ... let's just say everyone knew I was out of town.

Like I said, he's come a long way and can do a pretty mean ponytail these days. But if he'd seen this video a couple of years ago, I'm pretty sure he would have at least given it a try.

What has your experience been with dads and girls' hair?


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Lea Martin

Over the years my husband has learned how to take care of our daughters hair. All the teachers know when I don't get the kids ready for school though because his idea and mine of appropriate and matching clothes is very different. True story though about hair, my younger brother was visiting us about two weeks ago and he was helping me get my son ready for pre-school. My brother being the perfectionist that he is had me convinced that he could manage on his own while I ran to the store. I came back and my son was wearing his best suit and his beautiful strawberry blonde hair was slicked back and grey! When I asked him what had happened he said well you didn't have any gel and Conner said you use this stuff (hair putty)in his hair. I said yeah but I still don't know how you turned it grey. I opened the can to see half of it was missing! He had put enough product in my son's hair to style it for 6 months! After I got done laughing I took my son to the bathroom washed and restyled his hair and changed his clothes all while explaining that while he looked very cute I didn't think the finger paint he would be using in class would look at good on his suit as his jeans and the sandbox would be muck kinder on his Tennis shoes than they would be in his black loafers. I loved the idea but still had to laugh!

Wendy Monk Cazella

mom used to use a vaaccum on my hair when I was a kid

Elizabeth Jacques

My daughter hates having her hair up unless it's for her dance class so it's not a big deal. My husband just waits until I'm around or asks his older daughters to put it up otherwise she looks like a cute ragamuffin

Wendy Michelle Robinson

I've actually done this plenty of times before. Works really well, especially when you're in a hurry!!

DebaLa DebaLa

Hm. I wonder if he uses the vac for actually vacuuming. I'd like to hear back from his wife on that.
I mean, is anyone actually going to drag out the vacuum every morning to do hair in the scramble to get out of the house for school and work? Just YouTube entertainment, that's all. 

Jan Simonds Key-Heystek

That made me think of the FLOBEE, remember that? I actually know someone who used one!

apple... applegeisha

My husband knows the right touch with my hair and my daughters. The will sit there an enjoy while he brushes and put up there hair. If I try, yeah....right. They move everywhere and I can never get anything good. Slightly amusing I think :P

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