Mom Accused of Biting 2-Year-Old to Teach Her a Lesson

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biteThere's spanking your kids. And then there's biting them. A mom is defending herself against accusations that she bit her 2-year-old daughter on the shoulder. But her boyfriend claims she has an excuse: She was just trying to teach her daughter not to bite. That's okay, right?!?

Riiiiight. Well, here's what happened. A police officer spotted teeth marks in the shoulder of a toddler. When he confronted the mother, Christina Crandall, she said she didn't know how those teeth marks got there. But her boyfriend claimed Christina's daughter bit her first, and Christina bit her back to show her daughter how it feels. Now Christina faces charges of assault and child cruelty.

Does that seem a little severe for a little difference of opinion on the subject of parenting techniques? I've actually seen parents and caretakers do this sort of thing on the playground. Their child hits or pinches, and they pinch back and say, "See? That hurts! Don't do that!"

I guess there's a sort of logic to it. Or there would be, if the adults were doing it to other adults. But I don't even think this makes sense to toddlers. You have to remember, they don't think like we do. They're still figuring out cause and effect. What's more, they're looking to us for emotional support. If the person you love most in the world, the person your whole life depends on, HURTS you, what kind of message does that send?

Every single time I've seen an adult hit or pinch back (I've never seen actual biting, wow), I've seen the same sad look of confused betrayal in the child's eyes. NOT a look of comprehension. NOT "Ah-ha! I see now! That hurts people." And in the end, the grownup just ends up looking cruel and foolish. Not to mention -- why is it suddenly okay for you to hurt your child, but not for your child to hurt others?

I don't know that parents who hit back really need to be charged with assault and child cruelty. But come on. This is not effective parenting. This is just one adult acting childish with a child.

Do you ever hit, bite, or pinch your children back in order to teach them a lesson?


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Larisa Sanidas Batchelder

Biting back does work for young children who do not yet understand verbal communication. Biting and leaving little pink marks is biting a little too hard. Biting and leaving marks that stay until the cops get there is not a teaching tool, it is revenge.

Michelle Scaccia Maggi

Some toddlers hit or take things they shouldn't and they can get their hands smacked. Many parents have bitten lightly to teach not to bite. Congrats to any parent who is trying to parent. More concern should be focused on the crappy people having kids and abusing them or not taking care of them.

Melissa Travis Clayton

This is what is wrong with the world and the generation of kids. WE are not allowed to parent and they grow up knowing it...but when the child gets older and does something wrong...they are quick to point the finger at parents.

Momma... Momma-Jo1109

my son went thru a biting statge and we bit him back once(not hard). he didnt do it after that

tbsmy tbsmy


momma... momma0ffive

I have bitten my children back... they do learn it hurts. I would rather my child get but one tune and know that its not ok then allow then to but some one numerous times before they get it.

let parents parent and we probably wouldn't have so many damn problems when these kids get older

nonmember avatar Melissa

Doodledo, wow! I wasn't going to comment until I saw yours. You sound like what you are teaching your kids is to be judgmental adults who will see no repercussions for their actions. Look back, generations of successful parenting ( where corporal punishment was used) raised adults who take responsibility and ownership. Now, kids are less likely to get jobs, take any ownership for their actions, and it makes me see the connection. Too bad you can't.

nonmember avatar momo3

For those claiming child abuse against a parent for this or spanking.....good luck with an obstinant teenager in a few years. Kids nowadays act the way they do because of parents like u who believe anything but a time out is acceptable. Maybe u will b lucky and your children will be low key, but not all children are and are very stubborn. (i have one of each)

But just as i have my opinion, so do u.

It doesnt make u right.

Just human.

Angela Desmond

It works. I bit an adult as a child, she (my moms friend) bit me back... Guess what??? I never did that again. I remember it to this day, trust me kids are smart, they will figure it out.

nonmember avatar dee

Oh shut up! some of the things you agree with baffle me! then you disagree on something like this and jump on your soap box...girl you are not Dr. Phil. My daughter caught on immediately once I bit her don't give children enough credit...they have an amazing capacity for learning. I do agree however that you don't do it hard enough to leave a mark. and yep I'm a firm believer in spanking as well! How about you find something else to do with your time other than being.a judgmental Judy?!

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