Mom Accused of Biting 2-Year-Old to Teach Her a Lesson

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biteThere's spanking your kids. And then there's biting them. A mom is defending herself against accusations that she bit her 2-year-old daughter on the shoulder. But her boyfriend claims she has an excuse: She was just trying to teach her daughter not to bite. That's okay, right?!?

Riiiiight. Well, here's what happened. A police officer spotted teeth marks in the shoulder of a toddler. When he confronted the mother, Christina Crandall, she said she didn't know how those teeth marks got there. But her boyfriend claimed Christina's daughter bit her first, and Christina bit her back to show her daughter how it feels. Now Christina faces charges of assault and child cruelty.

Does that seem a little severe for a little difference of opinion on the subject of parenting techniques? I've actually seen parents and caretakers do this sort of thing on the playground. Their child hits or pinches, and they pinch back and say, "See? That hurts! Don't do that!"

I guess there's a sort of logic to it. Or there would be, if the adults were doing it to other adults. But I don't even think this makes sense to toddlers. You have to remember, they don't think like we do. They're still figuring out cause and effect. What's more, they're looking to us for emotional support. If the person you love most in the world, the person your whole life depends on, HURTS you, what kind of message does that send?

Every single time I've seen an adult hit or pinch back (I've never seen actual biting, wow), I've seen the same sad look of confused betrayal in the child's eyes. NOT a look of comprehension. NOT "Ah-ha! I see now! That hurts people." And in the end, the grownup just ends up looking cruel and foolish. Not to mention -- why is it suddenly okay for you to hurt your child, but not for your child to hurt others?

I don't know that parents who hit back really need to be charged with assault and child cruelty. But come on. This is not effective parenting. This is just one adult acting childish with a child.

Do you ever hit, bite, or pinch your children back in order to teach them a lesson?


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Hope Parker

ya know what i think the abuse word gets thrown around alot and the parents that disapline our kids and let then know there is alwas a punishment for there actions wont be visiting our kids in prison because

nonmember avatar Dayna

Thank you "Sure" because I was going to say the same to Jessyroo LMAO Yea...exaggerated responses make them laugh hysterically. And doing something back to them that they're doing is an amazing teaching tool. They don't learn empathy on their own. That's why it's called teaching. If my kids bit me or bit eachother they would get a bite. Obviously it wasn't leaving teeth marks or bruises but enough for them to look at me in shock and for me to be able to go "SEE!! It hurts doesn't it?? Don't do that again."

nonmember avatar johnnieb

I believe she was using a grwat form of teaching cause and effect but the fact the teeth marks were left says that she took it to an uncalled for measure

Aimee J. Terpstra

When my sister was about 2 she bit my Mom. My Mom bit her back and she never bit her again. However my sister then bit me until I was about 7. Love my Mom to pieces but I absolutely don't stand for physical punishment in any way. I believe that a child can be disciplined with reason. Example: My almost 3 year old son is extremely well behaved. Sure he has his moments but we choose to talk through them with reason and we are all better off for it. My son trusts us and knows to come to us with anything. Therefore the only physical contact in our family is that of pure love.

nonmember avatar johnnieb

I believe she was using a grwat form of teaching cause and effect but the fact the teeth marks were left says that she took it to an uncalled for measure

nonmember avatar Joe momma

Growing up my sister had issues with biting and my mom had each person she bit bite her back. She stopped biting all those people, but she continued to bite one boy who refused to bite her. Is it the best idea in the world? Maybe not but sometimes it might be the only thing that works for a kid who just won't stop. And while toddlers may not think like we do I feel we totally underestimate them and their level of understanding.

Kimberly McCartney

I was taught growing up. If you have biter then you bite them back and they wont bite again. I used to bite my mom and i once bit her so hard i drew blood. I got kicked out of a preschool for biting. So my mother bit me hard enough leave a mark. And guess what!! I didn't bite anymore. So when my daughter started biting really bad I bit her and she never bit back. There is a difference between child abuse and a lesson. There was a time where kids used to obey there parents. And why is that?? because they were disciplined. There is difference from child abuse and good ol disciplined. are world is to judgmental. Now if this mother bit in from of discipline then that is wrong.

Anna Jarshaw

I was a biter! I was a little smaller than other kids my age and I had an older brother too. I'm not sure what made me bite as a toddler but I bit hard. I got kicked out of a home daycare. The story that I've always been told is that one day my mom got fed up with me biting other kids. Sure they told me not to do it and that it hurts, time -outs and separated from the group and so on, but I continued to bite and my mom finally bit me. I stopped biting other kids after that and they never had that issue with me again. So, I dont remember really anything except one time when I got in trouble for it at daycare. So, my point is that maybe it does work to show a toddler a little cause and effect and I was not abused in any way.

Autumn Williamson

I agree with daughter will be two in March. If she grabs one of us and we do the exaggerated crying thing, she'll crack up and think it's hilarious. 


nonmember avatar Jackie

After much consideration I decided I just have to express my opinion... The problem with many kids today is their parents are too soft. That is a lousy parent to me. No I do not condone abusing a child, but my definition of abuse is not the same as some of these other Mothers who probably have out of control spoiled children that teachers can't get to listen because they don't know what discipline is. Well you guys go ahead and talk out your feeling to those kids and see where that gets you. I have three, all girls 17, 13, and 8. After 3 day cares all dismissing the middle child we had to get serious and it worked...Hasn't bit anyone in 10 years. My kids love and respect there father and I, and they know what to expect, and they mind I can take them places without them acting like tyrants. I see LOUSY MOTHERS all the time, but it is not the ones that know how to raise children with discipline.

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