Sarah Jessica Parker Puts Her Twins in Matching Leather Jackets

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sarah jessica parker twins leather jacketsBecause you're never too young for leather: Sarah Jessica Parker and her twins were seen sashaying about the city in matching leather jackets. Mama like! I never thought you could work lime green striped leggings, a flowered skirt, and purple Mary Janes with a motorcycle jacket. But you can -- you just have to be a preschooler to pull it off.

Are these sweet little girls too young for such a "rough" look? Is this ... APPROPRIATE?!? Is SJP projecting her fashion fantasies on her helpless daughters? Nahhh, especially the way she's styled it. The jackets are cheeky, but thanks to the rest of the girls' outfits, they're still very much dressed like little girls. And since all three of them are in leather jackets, the matchy-ness of it is just plain adorable!

My son had a wee leather jacket, too. He inherited it from my sister's son. He was a Batman fan, so she had the back of an adorable little jacket painted with Batman's portrait. My son wore it all over the place until he couldn't fit into it anymore. He loved it.

I think a leather jacket on a tot is cute in a funny way. Long ago, it was just rebels-without-a-cause-type guys who wore them. Or rock stars. But leather jackets have since totally lost their edge. So now that contrast -- an innocent kid in rebel's clothing -- is just saucy fun.

On the other hand, I wouldn't put a child in leather pants (or pleather pants). First of all, they're notoriously uncomfortable and a nightmare to clean. But I also feel like unlike jackets, they're kinda-sorta still a little too bad-ass for babies. There's a fine line between sweet rock 'n' roll and too tough for toddlers. And I think Sarah Jessica and her girls have found it. 

What do you think of SJP's twins in leather jackets?


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candy... candyw210

You couldn't have found a better story to blog about than this? This was stupid and pointless and I want back the 3 minutes of my life it took to read this story. And leather jackets have been worn by all types for as long as they have been around. Just saying

Worki... WorkingMom8479

CafeMom must be churning out articles to meet  a quota today.

Alway... AlwaysExpecting

It's a leather Who cares if little girls wear them?

nonmember avatar crys

Lol thoughts exactly!

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