'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Takes 4-Year-Old Partying -- So What?

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Maci BookoutMan, oh, man, sometimes I feel sorry for the stars of Teen Mom. Every time you turn around, someone is trying to make them sound scandalous! Take the latest kerfuffle over Maci Bookout. The mom of 4-year-old Bentley is getting some heat for taking the 4-year-old out partying.

Turns out the football shindig Maci dragged Bentley to had not just beer, but drinking games too. And you know what I have to say to that?

Sounds like a pretty normal night out for a mom and her kid to me! Photos of the party have shown up online, but none of them show Maci or little Bentley drinking. In fact, the 4-year-old is hanging out with an Xbox controller in his hand in a bedroom, away from the actual football-watching and beer-ponging.

How many of us taken our kids to weddings, backyard barbecues, football parties ... where booze was served? Raising your hand? Yup, me too. I don't let my 7-year-old drink. I don't get smashed around her. And I never, ever, ever drink and drive. So what is the big deal here?



What's really disturbing is the criticism that is heaped -- often unfairly -- on the stars of Teen Mom who are really just trying to be good parents while the world butts in. Granted, some of it is warranted. Did you hear about the mom who waxed her 3-year-old's eyebrows? But not every one of them is a careless Jenelle Evans (who we all know does not actually have custody of her kid).

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Some of them are just normal parents who do boring things every day like potty training, bedtime story reading, and watching a football game with some friends while their son plays a video game.

It's true that these girls put themselves out on TV and opened themselves up to criticism, but when we're criticizing something as banal as letting your kid play video games while you sit around watching football, I have to wonder: who's the one screwing up here? Not the Teen Mom, that's for sure!

Sometimes I wonder if America WANTS these girls to be bad moms because it makes us feel better about our own parenting.

Do you think Maci was wrong here? Do you think she's generally a good mom? How about the other girls?


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amiec... amiecanflie

You can't avoid being ocial forever! Even if she did have a beer or two, so what? You can have a glass of wine or a drink at home with your kids there too and it's not that big of a deal. Some regular family gatherings I've been to get crazier than this... Lol. Plus, it's good for Bentley to see normal social behavior like that. 

dirti... dirtiekittie

or, as i read it: "here's another non-story based on circumstantial photos! enjoy the speculation!"


Heath... HeatherJo11

Pretty normal stuff to me. Last time I checked beer,football & xbox werent horrible sins..Maci seems fairly together & one of the more decent moms out of that show. Alcohol isn't evil in moderation. I'm known to relax with a beer or glass of wine in the evenings. And to have a few at social events or get togethers with the family. And I like to think I am a good, dedicated parent and a decent member of society.

shell... shellyplatz

It wasn't hurting anything to have him there. If it was smoke filled and people falling down drunk then yeah not so good, but who doesn't take their kid places with them?

kever... keversole

i would never let my son be around for drinking games. regardless of what kind of party you were having, if people are playing drinking games then their goal is to get drunk fast, not casually. drinking and watching football, okay. playing beer pong, hell no he doesn't need to be around for that

nonmember avatar mrsforbes

I am a mother of a 2 year old daughter. I personally have never drank around her...or took her to a place where people were drinking...but that is my choice as a mother. Maci is bentleys mom...so it is her choice. That doesnt make her a horrible mom. Bentley was fine playing xbox and totally taken care of. I think people should leave these poor girls alone and let them be mothers without being judged! Its hard enough just being a parent without getting judged!

nonmember avatar Tina

I don't see why people get so caught up in what these girls do. Ive taken my kids to superbowl parties where there was drinking and beer pong I had one maybe two beers never got drunk my kids played with the other kids there and everyone had a good time. If she had went without him then everyone would say shes a bad mom for leaving him home while she went to party. Shes the mom and if she thinks its OK then its OK!!

nonmember avatar melissav76

this "blogger" is SO biased!!! if this was Janelle she wouldve been all over her ass for being a horrible mother... but bc it's Maci, it's ok to her child around drinking games and drunk people!! smh

nonmember avatar saida

I personally dont see problem with it ..ive done it and my daughter was there doesn't mean u have to get hammerd know ur limits thats all if its a crazy scene that kids shldnt be in ok ...but then people talk about how u left ur kid with a sitter to go out and have some fun ..people talk regardless but as long as you know your limits dont see a problem she's still young

nonmember avatar Stephanie

If you think your child will go their entire life without seeing a drunk person....you're so naive...don't take them to a wedding, a backyard bbq, a family holiday get together or ANYWHERE there will be alcohol. That's naive and unrealistic. Maci is SOOOOOO drastically different than Jenelle and Jenelle IS a bad mom. Just because you become a parent DOES NOT mean you're not allowed to have fun.....sheesh...

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