Couple Who Posted 65-Question Survey for Nanny Job Are Asking Way Too Much

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mary poppinsOkay, we all want the people taking care of our children to take the job seriously. We want to trust them. We want to know they'll give our kids the best possible care they can. We want to know they're mentally healthy and reliable. So, you know, when picking out a daycare or hiring a nanny, you should probably ask a few important questions.

But 65 questions? A couple in New York City who want to hire a nanny for their two children created an online survey with 65 mother-lovin' coconuts questions. Some of the questions make sense -- like "Are you an American citizen?" and "Are you certified in CPR?" But others ... lord have mercy. You've got to see some of these questions.

  • How often do you bathe/wash your hair?
  • Would you be comfortable not using scented perfumes or scented body washes while under our employment?
  • Would you be willing to maintain short, neat fingernails while under our employment?
  • How often do you have a hangover?
  • How many siblings do you have? Where do you fall in the birth order?

Oh yeah -- and they want to know all about the prospective nanny's drinking and smoking habits, and under which circumstances (circle any that apply from a long list) you would wash your hands. Like someone would volunteer that they don't wash their hands after using the toilet. And how much housework are you willing to do? Specifically.

And the kicker? This is for a "Mary Poppins" who works TWO days a week, from 11:30 a.m. to around 5:00 p.m., for $15 an hour. So, you know. Loads of personal information for a very part-time job. 

Who are these people?!? If I were looking for a nanny job, I'd be saying, "NEXT!" A questionnaire like this is a red flag: Crazy-ass, entitled, high-maintenance family. Alert! Alert! Neurotic, nit-picking parents. Alert! It sounds like maybe they've had some bad experiences in the past -- maybe that's why the list is so long. But jeebus crunch, think their expectations might be a little too high?

Do you think this nanny survey is out of control?


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jessy... jessyroos

Speaking as a nanny, I totally understand a parent's want to have the best and most trustworthy person caring for their kids, no matter few hours a week they may be there. However, this questionnaire absolutely goes too far, especially considering it is to be filled out before a potential nanny even meets them.

Questions regarding competancy are excellent, even requests regarding no-scent policies are fine, but to ask a person to list every single thing about themselves is uncalled for. No other employer would be able to do such a thing. An interiew, several excellent references, a background and driving check and a couple of trial days should be more than enough to establish the qualifications of a nanny.

Finally, $15/hour in Queens is not nearly enough. If you want quality child care, pay quality wages and don't ask your nanny to be your housekeeper also.

nonmember avatar handy

Are employers even allowed to ask about private medical issues such as what prescription drugs one might be taking?

cleig... cleigh717

@handy No they r not. Its against HIPPA policies.

nonmember avatar jackie

Actually, cleigh717 you are mistaken. Most employers cannot. However, healthcare professionals in most states are required to take drug tests by their employers. Part of the drug screening is your own revelation of which meds you are taking by prescription on a regular basis. I know this because I am an NP at a hospital. Drug screening for new employees is part of my responsibility. If a controlled substance appears in their screeing and the employee cannot produce a prescription, HR terminates them. That does not violate HIPPA at all. People have a choice to not reveal this information by not applying to jobs that require it.

tuffy... tuffymama

Goodness! Some poor girl is going to take that job because she needs it. We should pray for her.

nonmember avatar nicky

I absolutely would want to ask those questions. All of those things are important to me. But that is why I stay home, because I know i could never get those things from a nanny. And if they are being that anal they shouldnt't get a nanny either. I have a nanny friend who is miserable because the mom is an over controlling freak. If you are that controlling and paranoid you should really just stay home yourself.

MrsYo... MrsYoung1287

Yes ma'm I do meth 3 times a week have a hang over 5 out of 7 days a week.

bubba258 bubba258

It's good way of making sure the nanny is happy to get down n hands on with the kids, and not some pain in the arse that is always out drinking and arranging her nights out, instead of watching kids, or sitting around painting her nails and touching up her layers of caked on make-up BAHAHAHAHA

fave82 fave82

Meh i remember having to take those "psychological profile" tests for retail jobs when i was in high school. The ones that asked you 8 different ways whether you would turn a coworker in for stealing, and are you a leader etc. Granted, not the most personal questions, but there were about 100 or so and for a job that entailed far less responsibility and was for a whopping 7.25/hr.

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