‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Learns the Secret to Potty Training From Her Mom (VIDEO)

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chelsea potty trainingWhen it's time to potty train your child, you can read books and spend hours online looking for advice (oh, hello!). Or, you could consult with an expert: Your mom! That's what Teen Mom Chelsea did when she was ready to potty train her daughter, Aubree. And Chelsea's mom, Mary, delivered!

I mean, she literally delivered Chelsea years ago. But you know what I mean. Why not ask the woman who potty trained YOU for advice on potty training your own toddler? Mary's advice is super helpful. Her best tip? Make it fun.

She jokingly says first thing Chelsea needs to do is get a potty. Well of course! But then she suggests Chelsea let Aubree help pick out the potty. I love that idea! That's a great way to get your child excited about this next step and take ownership over it. Here's a few more of her tips:

  • Get both pull-ups and undies.
  • Give out stickers for rewards. This makes it more fun.
  • Give lots of positive reinforcement and keep talking about it even when you change Aubree's diapers.

So there you go -- potty-training wisdom from an expert. Chelsea is lucky to have her mom around for advice. She can keep asking Mary questions as she goes along.

I remember I asked my mom for advice, too. She warned me that even after I got my son using the potty he would have occasional relapses, especially when he gets sick. And I was like, "La la la, I can't hear you, don't want that to be true!" But of course she was right. And I'm glad she did tell me, because I was prepared when it happened.

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Have you gotten advice on potty training from your mom? What did she say?


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nonmember avatar kaerae

Chelsea should stop taking parenting advice from Mary. She is a doormat who tries to be a friend and not a mom. Congrats, you raised TWO girls to be teen moms, one of whom is 20 and has been studying for THREE YEARS to pass her damn GEDs!!! Chelsea's dad seems to try to be a parent, but Mary just wanted to raise some girlfriends.

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