'Home With Dada' Shows Why Dads Really ARE More Fun Than Moms (VIDEO)

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home with dadaEvery mom I know, myself included, at some point or another comes to the same sad, inevitable conclusion: Dads are more fun. I know I'm making a sweeping generalization here, but if you've ever left your toddler at home with daddy for an afternoon and walked in the door to find your little one and your husband napping contentedly on the couch in the middle of the biggest mess of toys and Cheerios and crayons imaginable ... well, you know what I'm talking about.

Maybe it's because men are just big, overgrown kids who secretly just want an excuse to play with toys all day long. Maybe it's because they're better at letting go of whatever's on the to-do list and living in the moment. Whatever the reason, this (adorable) video suggest it may have something to do with shirtless bongo drumming.

Called "Home with Dada," the time-lapse video offers "a comprehensive report on the happenings of father and son while mama is away for the afternoon." And guess what? When mama's away, the boys will play. And play. And play and play and play. Watch:

See what I mean? This dad totally devotes himself to the Art of Play. Let's throw a ball! Let's dance on the table! Let's climb in and out of this big box!

Again, I know I'm making a big huge sweeping generalization. Moms are fun, too. But there's a lesson here, ladies. We could be MORE fun.

Do you think dads are more fun than moms?


Image via MEoPRODUCTIONS/YouTube

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2nino... 2ninos4me

because they just amke the mess and dont worry about cleaning up after making the messes and because most fathers dont put boundaries to teh kids .

so if all the moms had that chance too im sure they would think moms were funner than they are

nonmember avatar Stacia

Anyone else notice how this just happened in two hours. Clock on the wall :) not an afternoon ha. But still fathers who are like this are what true fathers are :)

we2an... we2angels

Who is going to clean that disaster and will he still be as fun after five years of day to day stay at home routine? I think not

Angie... AngieHayes

What a good dad!

nonmember avatar Tonya

I loved that.....smiled the whole way through. What a great daddy. (He even cleaned up!) My husband is way more fun than I am and always has been.

Rosas... RosasMummy

my fiancé is more fun than me, that doesn't mean I don't play with my lo I do a lot but he makes her laugh like no one else can x

jec72579 jec72579

My bf is the same way! My kids are a little older now, but I just don't have the energy to get down on the floor and run myself ragged, after working 50 hours a week, cooking dinner, doing everyone's laundry, cleaning the house, etc etc, etc..... But this mom is lucky, "Dada" cleaned up after them! THAT in itself is golden as well!!!

GlowW... GlowWorm889

What an adorable video. And he even cleaned up! :D As for being more fun, I think Dads are perceived that way because they tend to come at parenting from a completely different direction than women. Neither are wrong and both are good for children's development.

hello... hellokd87

It's funny how the first thing some of us said was "WHO IS GOING TO CLEAN ALL OF THAT UP?!" That's the first thought whenever my fiancee has his kids over the weekend. I could swear a tornado blew through. And since they have bad allergy issues half the time we get them there's tissues thrown into the mix. He always says that with our kids I"m going to be a strict and "Unfun" mom but hey, SOMEBODY has to be the disciplinarian or else the whole house would look like a zoo animal ransacked, tornado savaged disaster area. The movie Mrs. Doubtfire popped into mind when I saw the video!!

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