Deadly Snake Infestation Shuts Down Daycare & Gives Us the Willies

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snakesHave you heard of the movie Snakes on a Plane? Now just imagine if it was snakes in a daycare instead. That's the issue a group of parents are dealing with in Townsville, Australia. Their children's nursery school was forced to shut down because of an infestation of pythons. Not little, harmless garden snakes, mind you, but deadly, bone-crushing pythons. Are you freaking out yet? I know I am.

The head of the daycare center called local authorities after spotting a baby python. Later, snake wranglers found an 8-footer and 23 babies nestled inside the walls. But that's not all. They also came across 41 eggs. If that doesn't give you the willies, I don't know what will.

Honestly, this scared the crap out of me. Snakes are my biggest phobia. And unfortunately, it's a fear that I have passed on to my son. He won't even go into the reptile house at the zoo. There is something so unsettling about those slithering creatures, isn't there. I can imagine how shocked those parents were when they got the news. Yes, in the grand scheme of things that could go wrong with your daycare, this isn't anywhere near the worst, but it is among the creepiest.

Though they caught several of the critters, the catchers are still trying to track down many more baby snakes they think are still on the loose. Said catcher Steve Coulson, "There is no poison involved that can kill you, but they can give you a nice gash if they get hold of you." Yikes. No way would I or my child ever step foot in there again!

Watch more on the python infestation here:

Would you send your child back to this daycare?

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kelti... kelticmom

That's just Australia for you. Beautiful country but you can walk out your door and be met with any of the dozens of poisonous/deadly snakes,spiders, wildlife that is native there.

Tess Rooney

that's hardly DEADLY....they're pythons. and BABY pythons.

nonmember avatar Samantha

Yes, i would send my kid back when they were cleared. Why would i punish my cchildcare provider, or my child for that matter, for something that is 1- out of anyones control and 2- perfectly natural for the area? If it happened to my house would i never bring my child back there? Or a family members home? Thats just silliness.

Nellie Athome

Teaching children to fear anything, be it snakes or incests or germs or guns, is counterproductive. Raising fearful children makes them unable to cope when confronted with the feared item both as children and when they are adults. We lived in an area with poisonous snakes when i was small and, just like the guns n the house, we were taught to not touch and if we saw one to go get an adult. Snakes seen were turned into teaching moments of Poisonous got killed and non-poisonous we got to learn how they helped the environment.

Vegeta Vegeta

Pythons are pretty much harmless. Baby pythons are completely harmless. An 8 footer might be able to grab a toddler but they'd probably decide not to eat it because they fear for their safety. I would be stoked if a mom python layed her eggs in my house. Plus it's Australia and this does happen. She probably found a safe quiet warm place and layed her eggs.

nonmember avatar Joe

You know, I hate spiders, but I will never teach my kid to be afraid them. Any parent who does that should be ashamed of themselves. By the way those are Carpet Pythons and are not dangerous. You should educate your self more before putting such negative story on the internet.

Sandy Leger Dehn

I don 't remember exactly how this story went, but a friend of ours had a python for a pet, (creepy I thought) but as time went, the snake started sleeping with our friend in his bed, and he started noticing the snake would stretch as long as it could, till he was stretched out almost as long as our friend, the friend was kind of unsettled about this so he consulted someone that raised snakes, and he told him, the snake was sizing him up to know when he could swallow him whole. He got rid of the python quick.blank stare

Steph Salois

This is just nasty! I'm pretty sure I would freak out. Maybe the baby ones are not to deadly but the mother could have ate a child...I mean a 8foot snake comeon' that is NASTY!!!

nonmember avatar Micaela

I'm terrifiied of snakes but my kids aren't they've even petted one before. Yes I would send my kids back after they got the problem cleared up its just something that happens in that area and afterall they aren't poisonous, scary yes but not a major threat considering Australia has the most deadly poisonous snakes in the world.

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