Eagle Snatches Toddler at Park & Tries to Fly Off With Him (VIDEO)

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eagle toddlerI've tried to stay aware of many dangers while in the park with my child. I look out for broken glass, suspicious strangers, sand-eating, dog poo, used condoms, needles (yeah, okay, I live in the city). But it's never occured to me to look up into the sky and beware of the birds.

Maybe we should, though. There's a video running 'round the Internet of a golden eagle swooping down on a park and trying to fly off with a toddler in its claws! WTF! Fortunately, the eagle didn't succeed. But you've got to see this.

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So... big, obvious question here: Is this video even real? It could be a fake. I hope it's a fake.

But let's just go along with this and pretend it's real. Can you imagine sitting there in the park, with your sweet little bag of bread crumbs to feed the freakin' ducks, and some huge thing thunders out of the sky and grabs your kid? Forget dogs off their leashes -- a BIRD! I think I'd be so shocked it would take me a few seconds of paralyzed breathlessness before I got off my ass and ran after the thing. I think there might also be a split second where I think, "Can I really take that eagle?" Because: Claws.

But I am no coward! Of course I'd tackle the eagle and wrest my child from its clutches, like something out of Lord of the Rings. (I've never read it, I'm just going by the ad for the movies.) Thank goodness this never turned into a Mom vs. Bird confrontation -- although, maybe that could be our next CafeMom Studios series.

I don't know. All that stuff about wild animals losing their habitats and invading human spaces for food -- I never though the animals would come for our children.

UPDATE: It's a hoax! Phew.

What would you do if a large bird attacked your child like what appears to be happening here?


Image via MrNuclearCat/YouTube

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abra819 abra819

holy crap!

Liz132 Liz132

jaw drop

Vegeta Vegeta

Big birds grab small pets all the time, he must have been really ballsy to grab a kid

cmjaz cmjaz

Probably mistook it for a cat or something. Scary

Jessy Roos

bahahaha. This is why the rest of the world makes jokes about us hosers up in Canada.

nonmember avatar Cynthia

It's been reported that this is in fact a fake. The bird is a falcon and the 'child' is a mannequin. This is coming out of an area known for it's film school where creating projects and videos like this is common.

Jessy Roos

I second Cynthia's comment. It has now been confirmed that this video was created by three students at Montreal's Centre NAD which holds a "Hoax the Internet" contest for it's 3D animation students every year. Well, done students, I was fooled!

nonmember avatar Kaycee

I'm not gonna lie, I kinda chuckled at this. I knew that it was part of a school filming hoax which is probably part of the reason why lol

julie... julie21210

I know it may sound crazy but I actually worry about stuff like this ... Not so much with birds but we have a lot of coyotes around where I live, which is a very populated area, a suburb of Chicago. And they are getting ballsy lately and hunting in packs. A woman I work with was walking her dog ? Yes it was a smaller dog but not tiny, not like a chihuahua or anything and a coyote snatched it up and took off yanking the leash right out of her hand. Never saw it again. I worry about that with my toddler, granted I know a coyote is gonna have a harder time running off with a 30 lb kid I just worry it would try

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