Toy Recall: 8-Month-Old Nearly Dies Swallowing Expandable Ball

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toy recall water balzIt's never good news when a children's toy is the subject of a recall. But the recall of a marble-sized ball that inflates in water is especially troubling when you hear the story of why the Water Balz, Growing Skulls, H2O Orbs "Despicable Me," and Fabulous Flowers toys are being pulled from the shelves. A little baby nearly died and had to undergo surgery to repair the damage done by one of these!

The 8-month-old girl from Humble, Texas apparently swallowed the ball, and because of its chemical makeup, the toy began to swell. It eventually caused an intestinal blockage, which could only be remedied by surgery. It's a scary reminder that sometimes the damage done by toys our babies swallow goes far beyond choking.

So what do you need to do to keep your babies safe?

Let's get these things off the shelf, for one thing! Here's what you need to know:

1. Some 95,000 of the toys being recalled were sold under a variety of names in the United States and Canada including Water Balz, Growing Skulls, H2O Orbs "Despicable Me," and Fabulous Flowers. As the names indicate, the toys were also various shapes, not just traditional round balls.

2. The toys were sold over the past two years at a variety of stores including Bed Bath & Beyond, Five Below, Hobby Lobby, Lakeshore Learning Materials, Microcenter, Urban Outfitters Direct, Wegmans, as well as at the Universal Studios theme park, and online.

3. The toys represent a serious threat to kids, and they should be taken away immediately. They will not show up on X-rays, but they can cause a blockage in the small intestine, resulting in severe discomfort, vomiting, dehydration, and possibly death.

4. Don't fear; you won't be out the money. Maker Dunecraft will send you a replacement toy if you call them at 800-306-4168, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit their website.

Has your baby ever swallowed one of your older kids' toys? What happened?


Image via CPSC

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linzemae linzemae

An 8 month old should not have had any access to those to begin with!

Flori... Floridamom96

"So what do you need to do to keep your babies safe?" Don't give them access to toys for older children?

nonmember avatar sam

These do not need to be recalled, people need to get off their lazy asses and watch their kids and not give them toys that are not age appropriate. Not everything can be idiot proofed for lazy parenting.

nonmember avatar sam

Yes older kids leave things out ,why aren't the parents picking up after the older kids? Lazy parenting! There is no execptable excuse to why any parent Has no clue to what their 8 month old is ingesting. There is no reason a product should be recalled based on a parents neglect.

nikki... nikkivolkov

Good rule of thumb. Don't have any object that can fit inside a toilet paper roll around your toddler. Babies like to explore their world and the first way they do this is by putting things in their mouth.

Amy Knoch

Ah yay... more idiot lazy parents ruining more fun for kids.  

Momme... MommeeTo4

Many many things have been recalled for stupid reasons and lazy parenting. The bumbo clearly states do not set on high surfaces, parents do. Parents place a baby monitor next to crib, baby gets tangled in cords, monitor recalled.

Improper use is also a cause for recall. And btw *acceptable*

Mommy... MommyLady

Those look cool...I wish I'd heard about them before the recall!  My older kids left things out, but my infant never got her hands on them, because I was watching her, and made sure she couldn't.  It's really not THAT hard.


Um no. These don't need to be recalled, parents need to start watching their children. These are not toys for an eight month old. Parents need to start watching their kids & stop blaming everyone else. The world is not a babysitter for your kids.

Mrs._... Mrs._Lovett

i agree with everyone else, why is an 8 month old playing with something like that in the first place???

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