'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's New Children's Book Would Be Kryptonite to My Kid

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passy perfumeGood for Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham for writing a kids' book. I love that she's been inspired by her daughter to create something fun for other children. Farrah says of Passy Perfume, "All of our toddlers are really going to love this book because it's so relatable to them. Sophia has been reading it and she is in love literally with her real Passy Perfume and the book." Aww!

But I would never buy this book because my son would've hated it. Of course Sophia loves it -- it's about her! As for "all" toddlers relating to it? Well ... no. I don't see that happening. And even if they did relate to it, this is the kind of book I mostly avoided when my son was a toddler.

First of all, there's the obvious: It's about a perfume-loving girl, and the whole thing is awash in pinks and purples. Little boys don't necessarily hate pink and purple when they're that young. But most of them aren't exactly into those colors, either. And anyway, using perfume as an incentive to give up the binky? So not working for the Thomas the Train fans out there.

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But more than that, Passy Perfume sounds like one of those "lesson learned" kind of books toddlers just love ... to hate. I know because I bought a couple of those "potty training is awesome!" books and they pretty much bombed.

Maybe it's because I had a very active toddler, but it was hard getting my son to sit down for any story. So whatever I read him had to be simple and all about something he was already into. Most of all, it had to be entertaining. Any hint of preachiness and he'd ricochet off my lap and go back to running up the walls as usual. And the older they get, the worse it gets. Don't even get me started on what my son did with his How to Behave and Why book. It's adorbs, but no.

But hey, the "lessons learned" genre is still going strong. New parents continue buying these books because they think they're good for their kids, and we all find out the hard way that they don't work, and we end up with yet another dusty stack that we try to pawn off on our neighbors at a garage sale five years later. So don't let my cynicism stop you.

Would this book actually interest your toddler?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

i just want to know how a 3 year old is listed on the cover of the book as a "NY Times best selling author(s)!"... can the child even read yet? 

and no, my kiddos were never really into those books at that age. look and find types are always more popular at our house. 

nonmember avatar Georgia

This article seems like just an excuse to talk about your son...is this Kathy Lee writing under a pen name? If it was hard to get your son to sit for ANY story, then he's pretty much irrelevant to the review of this BOOK.

tuffy... tuffymama

Isn't it "paci?" And LOL, Georgia.

I need to get a book deal. I had hot teen sex and DIDN'T get knocked up. Shouldn't I have my own show?

Mike Abraham

dirtiekittle  for your informatiion Farrah's last book was on the NYT best seller list making Farrah, not Sophia a NY Times best selling author. tuffymama Farrah was not given anything...she earned it and worked for it...and it was not because she got "knocked up". As a woman how do you feel putting down a single parent (let alone another woman) you should be ashame of yourself.

dirti... dirtiekittie

@mike abraham - i'm not contesting that FARRAH is on the best seller list. i said sophia, who is not old enough to write. 

Megan LaShawn Moore

@mike abraham well said i agree with you 100% Farrah is an awesome mother and sophia is the most adorable little girl. I'm so happy they are doing well #TeamFarrah&Soph

nonmember avatar Crabby

Farrah? A good mom? Did you actually WATCH Teen mom? NOt only was she a terrible mother, but she is horribly rude to her parents. She is one of the most spoiled children Ive seen and doesnt seem to know what she wants to do in life. She tried to do music (failed), TRIED to be a model (fail!), went to school to be a chef (not sure what happened to that), and is now writing books?

nonmember avatar Michelle

I would never buy a book for my daughter from Farrah. She is BY FAR, the most irritating person on Teen Mom. She treats both of her parents horribly by being demeaning, demanding, disrespectful and mouthy. She will be teaching her daughter those same disrepectful behaviors, so no, she isn't a good mom. She is a horrible example to her child. I will not give her a dime. What does she know about good parenting? Nothing!

nonmember avatar Jae

Mike Abraham, just get the hell outta here.

Your daughter deserves every bit of flack she gets . . . rude, ungrateful, blows my mind how she talks to you and Debra.

Don't be surprised when Sweet Sophia turns into Farrah x 2. She's learning; believe it.

Katie Mayer

I can't believe her dad is on here defending her after the way she treats both of her parents.

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