Mom Confession: I Almost Spanked a Stranger's Kid! (VIDEO)

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coffee shop confessionsI'm not a fan of corporal punishment, but I have to admit I sympathize with the mom featured in this episode of Coffee Shop Confessions: "I Almost Spanked a Stranger's Child!" Because the mom lost her temper in a toy store, and if you've ever taken a toddler to a toy store (or even observed a toddler in a toy store), you know exactly how horribly horrible an experience that can be.

And it's not like the mom was going to give her little girl a full-fledged spanking in the middle of the aisle; she just went to give her hand a swat. How many times do I have to tell you to put that toy down?!

Unfortunately, the hand she grabbed didn't belong to her daughter at all.

Nope, that hand belonged to another mother's child -- another mother who happened to be standing nearby (and looking mighty annoyed).

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The Coffee Shop gang had a serious problem with what the spanking mom did next, but personally? I understand. Give the gal a break, she was embarrassed! Check out the clip to see what happened:

Of course she ran away! Forget the teachable moment thing and get outta there ASAP, that's what I would've done. Not the perfect solution, but sometimes perfect is impossible.

What would you have done if you almost spanked the wrong kid?


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Billie Jo Evans

First of all, you NEVER punish your child when you're angry, #1 rule! If ANYONE were to even just touch one of my children I would have their @ss.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Don't you EVER put your hands on someone's cub because mama bear is gonna' use some claws on you!!! 

CaliG... CaliGirl925

We don't spank, we do warning, T.O., then if it escalates, hand slap & another T.O. (98% of the time T.O. does the trick). It's the same if we're in public (I tell my 2yo, that I WILL find a corner, no matter where we are!) lol. If someone else disciplined my child, I would freak the F out! If I ACCIDENTALLY grabbed another child's hand (unlikely), I would stop & apologize, & move on. But I've mistaken another kid for my own. And, no, I don't walk away to "calm down" first, while my child runs amok! Sorry, not my style, but my kids is waaaay better behaved than most toddlers : )

CaliG... CaliGirl925

*** I've NEVER mistaken another child for my own***

power... powertothekids

i forgive many toddlers look a like

the4m... the4mutts

Hahaha that's actually really funny. Someone turned around in walmart once and told my daughter "shut up already! I already said no McDonalds! Don't ask me again!" Then got a horrified look on her face, and almost started t cry, apoligized profusely, and basically ran away while I tried to tell her it was fine. She felt so bad, but I couldn't console her cuz I was laughin too hard!

Her dd had aparently been begging for mcdonalds, when my kids and I came up behind her, and my dd asked me for it.

That was the funniest day I've ever had out in public.

amiec... amiecanflie

We do time outs and "pa-paus" which is just a slap on the hand. usually jsut saying, "Do you want a pa-pau?" Is enough to get him to listen. :]


I accidentally grabbed another man at an out door fair type thing. He looked like my husband from the corner of my eye! I realized my mistake, and apologized. I'd probably do the same thing in this situation.

God help the stranger who touches my child in public with out my ok. I will automatically assume the worst, and knock a mo-fo out. Dig?

nonmember avatar MO Mom

@the4mutts, How funny!

4cadi... 4cadillac

Sounds like an accident....move along. 

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