ATM & Store Receipts Are Toxic to Your Kid -- Who Knew?!

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receiptsAnd now, for today's episode of THINGS MOMS NEED TO WORRY ABOUT: Receipts are dangerous. Have you heard this one yet? Paper receipts from stores have bisphenol A (BPA) in them. I know that sounds insane because they're paper. I mean, how does BPA get onto paper? And why is it there at all? And what kind of crazy, upside-down world do we live in when there are dangerous chemicals on our freaking receipts?!?

I just ... sometimes this world.

Anyway, obviously the big takeaway from this news is that we shouldn't let our toddlers play with receipts -- or god forbid, put those things in their mouths. But also: Can we please stop putting BPA on receipts?

That's actually happening, little by little. Suffolk County, in New York, just banned BPAs in receipt paper. And now that Suffolk has made this move, hopefully this will inspire parents and leaders around the country to pass similar laws in their community. If we can make BPAs disappear from bottles, maybe we can make it disappear from paper, too!

Meanwhile, pediatricians recommend parents keep paper receipts away from their children. But that's not all. They also recommend avoiding paper receipts and using electronic receipts as often as possible. (This has become really popular lately, have you noticed?) You should wash your hands after handling receipts. And I hadn't even thought of this myself, but we shouldn't be tossing paper receipts into the recycling because they can contaminate that paper, too.

Environmental Working Group has more information on BPAs in store receipts. And this is kind of cool: You can spot BPA-free paper receipts, at least the ones made by Appleton Papers. The company (who supplies about half of the BPA-free receipt paper out there) weaves red fibers into this paper, which you can see on the back of your receipts.

Did you know that store receipts may be coated with BPA?


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corri... corrinacs

I already knew this.  I found this out when I was pregannt with my second.  If someone asked if I watned my reciept, I'd say no (for purchased like sandwhiches, drinks, etc.....the stuff I won't return most likely LOL).  Otherwise, I ask cashiers to put my reciept in the bag.

But what about those poor cashiers, they are holding those darn things all day long.  And I've seen some cashiers that were pregnant and I really felt bad for them :/.

dirti... dirtiekittie

there's always something, isn't there?

AdryF AdryF

I know I may sound stupid but what is BPA? I have seen stuff saying they are free from it but I thought it was some of the odd things they put in plastic. How would it work on paper?

Worki... WorkingMom8479

Well, there goes my child's best toy... I gave her receipts to chew on all the time!

nonmember avatar Myturn

Don't let you kids chew on paper. Boom. Problem solved.

power... powertothekids

uh oh my kid loves to cut up reciepts and eat them and bpa?

power... powertothekids

Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the most extensively tested materials in use today. BPA has been safely used in consumer products and researched and studied for over 40 years. The weight of scientific evidence clearly supports the safety of BPA and provides strong reassurance that there is no basis for human health concerns from exposure to BPA.

nonmember avatar Lauren

Isn't BPA banned in basically every country but America? If its not allowed anywhere else there is a reason.. Like that its been shown to cause birth defeats and increase the risk for cancer

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

powertothekids, i don't know where you get your info, but BPA has several serious effects. That said if you're enough of an idiot to let your kid eat receipts, you do not get to complain. 

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

and @adryF it's a compund used in the synthesis of many plastics.

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