3-Year-Old Saves His Mom's Life by Making His First Phone Call Ever

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cell phoneIn case of emergency, would your preschooler know what to do? One 3-year-old saved his mother's life with one key phone call on her BlackBerry. Cally Wooton had gone into a diabetic seizure when her son, Aaron Green, found her unconscious on the floor. He had never used her cellphone before, but somehow he managed to unlock it, scroll through the address book, and choose his grandmother's phone number.

Aaron's grandmother immediately raced to their home and called emergency. Cally ended up in a coma for five days, but she lived! She's recovering now, very much alive, and grateful for her quick-thinking son.

Cally jokingly says Aaron must have picked up how to use the phone from watching his mother "nattering" on the phone all the time. But that makes a lot of sense -- that's how kids learn how to do pretty much everything else, right? By watching us.

There have been times when I've become aware of exactly how closely my son watches me, and how much he picks up. It takes my breath away every time. 

This generation of kids is turning out to be incredibly tech savvy. You've heard the phrase "digital native," right? They're surrounded by so many gadgets it's like they're picking up how to use them almost like they're picking up on language.

Still, I'm impressed with Aaron. So was his teacher -- his preschool gave him a badge for bravery. But I'm sure no praise or award compares with just having his mother well and with him.

Does your toddler or preschooler know how to use a cellphone or computer?


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nonmember avatar Samantha

Its crazy how much kids know about technology. My daughter at 1 was ulocking & going through my smart phone and finding WHO she wanted to call, then calling them. Shes 2 now, just turned in september, and she gets into the tablet & navigates youtube, she gets on the computer if its unlocked & clickes on the zoodles icon and goes into her profile, navigates all of her games, and youtube. Shes so damn intelligent. Ive been afraid for her first false 911 call, bc they charge you for it, but id hope to think in another 6 months to a yr shed know to call them if anything happened to me.

Kasondra Iarussi

@Samantha. My friends daughter called 911 hung up and then took the phone off the hook again. They apparently tried calling a few times, and was going to do one last call until they sent an officer. Luckily she had picked the phone up off the floor and got the call....obviously she was apologetic, they told her not to worry about it. 

My son who is 5 now has been navigating the phone(funny how my phone's voice recognition knows his voice better then mine) and computer, tablet for ages now. Suprised me the other day when he knew how to skip the ad on youtube lol 

ilove... ilovemyson2002

my 10 year old son is smart and he has a mind of a 4 or 5 year old  knows how to use a computer better then me and his accer tablet    but my 4 year  hasnt used a computer yet but played on his brother accer tablet   

Crystal Huertas

My 4 year old can get through my phone pretty easily. Mostly plays games, takes pix and skims the gallery. She can make a call but its pretty random. She cant choose who she wants to call yet.

Holly Larson

my three year old knows how to run my smartphone almost as well as we do lol  she knows how to scroll through our contacts and call her grandmas or her older sister and she goes onto youtube and somehow finds the actual videos that she wants to watch, i try to keep my phone away from her because she loves to take random pics and post them to my facebook lol

nonmember avatar nikki

My almost two year old can work my phone, his nanas ipad, and a computor, he can make calls and play games, and will type the first couple letters into netflix so his show, super why, comes up.

Tracy Torres

my grand daughter is 4 she looks for ppls pictures n calls them .goes on voxer n oovoo i cant believe how much she knows wow she takes videos n pics n yes goes on youtube lol to funny she uses my phone better than i do lolconfused

Marissa Dawn Frederick

My 3 year old son knows how to call all of my family on my phone. I have pictures of my family members with their numbers and he knows how to get to the contacts and finds the face he wants to call. Makes me feel better considering we live alone, and if something were to happen to me, he knows how to call for help!

Mrs.F... Mrs.Frye22710

I think this is one if the sweetest stories I've read on here.. That's amazing good job Aaron. I hope him and his mommy have a long happy life together. He deserved the badge his teacher gave him but I do agree with the wrighter I'm sure his mom being alive means more to him.

I love how no one on here commented about how smart or brave this little boy is but turned it all about thier own kids.

Bob192 Bob192

They've called people by accident..

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