'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Makes Nice With Ryan's Girlfriend for the Sake of Her Son

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Maci BookoutTeen Mom Maci Bookout is one of the most responsible teen moms on MTV's infamous show. She has always been out for her son Bentley as her number on priority and her latest comments on baby daddy Ryan's girlfriend Dalis are no exception. Maci hopes they will stay together for her son's sake.

One of the most important things  divorced parents or parents who are sharing custody of a child can do is get along. Sorry, but them's the breaks. There is really no other way around it. How you treat the mother (or father) of your child informs everything about what their relationship will become and it is part of being a decent parent. In other words: Say bad things about your baby mama on Facebook and you are being a bad dad. Oh yes. You are.

When Maci says of Ryan and Dalis: “I’m rooting for her. I hope Ryan doesn’t screw this up!” what she is really saying is that she loves her son more than she loves getting even or making Ryan pay for their bad blood.

Maci is smart to do this and any parent who is co-parenting with someone else would be smart to follow suit. Like it or not, a stepparent or serious girlfriend may be in your life forever. It is best to play nice.

Maci is being very smart here (no big shock, of course). Dalis may not be the person SHE would pick for Bentley, but she does not get that option. Other parents would do well to remember that. I can't count the number of times I have seen friends who are divorced with kids bad mouth their exes with no compunction. It's bad for everyone. Don't believe me? Just ask a child.

No 5-year-old wants to hear how crazy mommy is from daddy. No 4-year-old needs to hear how her dad does not pay enough child support. Those are conversations best left out of a child's ear shot. And like it or not, if you say it publicly (on Facebook, etc) you might as well say it to your kid. Most kids pick up on this stuff.

Model Maci and be grown ups. It is never the child's fault that his or her parents could not work it out. Smart parents understand that and do their best to provide a decently good working relationship with their co-parent.

Do you know divorced couples who behave like children?

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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

She has always been out for her son Bentley as her number on priority and her...

You have a spelling error- it should be number ONE, not on.


Serious and not to be taken snarky question... but does The Stir have an editor? You have readers correcting so many little and embarrassing errors that should be caught in a professional edit. Many people are led to this site from other areas of the Internet and it looks so poorly upon the writer and the website to have so many little errors splashed across a huge majority of stories that come out every day.

nonmember avatar Conspiracy Man

Why is the writer of this article commending Maci for he rcomments about Dalis? Why does Maci feel she has to say anything about their relationship. It is none of her business, so why doesn't she just remain silent. I am sure that neitehr Dalis nor Ryan really care what she thinks about their relationship. Can't this girl focus on her own problems? You do not hear Ryan tweeting about how he hopes that Maci can overcome her alcohol problems for teh sake of her son (even though he has more right to say that than Maci does to comment about their relatoinship).

nonmember avatar baabaa

Way to completely twist around everything that Maci said (that interview is old btw). She has said numerous times in interviews that if she could pick ANY girl for Ryan to be with, she would choose Dalis because she is responsible, has a job, is in college for a career and is an all around good girl. She's said it in interviews and as well as the Ustream she did. And Dalis also told Starcasm that her and Maci have been fine for months now and even text eachother and Maci has even said the people that hate Dalis from the show are crazy and know nothing. So, you the Stir, do you research before posting a ridiculous article and COMPLETELY twisting Maci's words around.

nonmember avatar Stevie

Sorry, but this article contradicts itself. I agree that parents who are not together should not talk trash about the other parent to their child (and, as a stepmom, I have first-hand experience regarding how damaging this can be), but Maci has spent four years complaining about what an inadequate father Ryan is on a top-rating television show. OK, Ryan isn't the best dad in the world (although it seems like he's grown up a lot since his son was a baby), but you can't say that a national television show is any less public than posting something on Facebook, can you???

Spooky80 Spooky80

this is what I dont understand I always see maci saying good things about dallis but how come dallis never says anything good about maci? dallis seems kinda bitchy if you ask me 

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