Teacher Replaces Classroom Toys With Cardboard Boxes & Kids Go Crazy (VIDEO)

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Kids playing with cardboard boxesYou know how people always half-joke that kids have more fun with boxes than the toys in them? Well, one Ohio preschool teacher recently proved that to be true when he got rid of every toy in his classroom and replaced them with cardboard boxes.

Pete Kaser said he was inspired by his students, and felt like there was too much "preassigned value" placed on his teaching materials. He told the Huffington Post, "I wasn’t getting the imagination out of the children that I wanted."

So one day he removed all of the toys and learning materials and put cardboard boxes, egg cartons, and other raw material in their place. The kids' reaction was incredible.

He said instead of freaking out or crying over their beloved toys, they instead embraced the boxes. Surprisingly, he said they didn't even ask where the toys were!

The new materials have boosted their imaginations into high gear, and they've created everything from pirate ships to hotels and igloos. They even embraced a lesson on Australia by making a didgeridoo (a wind instrument).

He said the change has led to much greater creativity in play, and has even helped some shyer children take on leadership roles when it comes to projects, and helped some with parent separation anxieties deal with them better. In short, it's been nothing but positive, and he says he'll continue this way until it doesn't work any longer.

I couldn't love this more. Besides Legos, electronic games, and a handful of other items I can think of, my children have never been into toys ... for long. There's the huge, wide-eyed want for them when we see them sitting on the shelves all shiny and new, but once they've been gifted to them or somehow acquire them, they just don't hold their attention for long. But give them a box, or a paper towel roll, or pretty much anything I'm ready to throw in the trash, and they're at least as entertained -- if not more so -- than with the pile of toys they've quickly discarded.

This is such a good reminder -- especially this holiday season -- that our kids don't need a lot to have fun and thrive. I'm terribly guilty of always wanting to give them more and provide them with the things I didn't have. And it's all sorts of exciting to see their excitement and make their dreams come true. But it's also not necessary, and not necessarily in their best interest.

Do your kids play with toys for long, or are things like boxes more attractive to them?


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nonmember avatar HS

I had a ton of cardboard boxes leftover after a move. I taped several of them together and cut out windows and doors to make a house. My 3 year old son was ecstatic over it! The "house" was eventually tossed once it had been well worn out but now that I've brought out more boxes storing Christmas decorations, he's been asking for a house again. I'll get on that this weekend :) And this isn't the first time I've fashioned a house out of boxes. I did it years ago as a young child for my niece and nephew. And before that I "wrapped" myself in a large cardboard box and jumped out as a gift for my older brother one year. He's several years older but I was born just a few days before his birthday so I thought it would be funny to be his bday gift again. It's not rocket science, people, just imagination!

Pamela Waterman

My three children (now 19, 21 and 24) have loved playing with boxes forever. My husband uses about 100 refrig boxes every year to make a maze in our yard at Halloween, and one of my daughters just used dozens to create the backdrops and props for her senior college theater design project! So, the creative influence can last a long, long time and lead to wonderful projects. Thanks for sharing this idea and video.

MomLi... MomLily67

My 7 year old daughter still enjoys all the options she has with a good old fashioned cardboard box. I recenlty had the pleasure of stuffing myself into a large coffin like box in which we received some equipment at work, hahaha!!!!

othermom othermom

My kids love to play in boxes. They loved when we got a new washer, that box was in our living room for a few weeks for them to play in

eetfbf eetfbf

My son his first Christmas we help him open his' gifts and he started playing with the boxes they came in.He played for hours with them. Boy,if I would have known that I could've just wrap boxes and he would have been happy. Good memory there.


cecil... cecillesmommy

I've done whole curriculums based on boxes with my kids at work (from 6 to 18 months) and they love it!

Jeanie Cooper

Give your kids boxes for christmas.

coppe... copperswifey

They do seem to have a lot more fun with the boxes then they do the actual toys :)

mrswi... mrswillie

My kids use to love playing in boxes.

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