3-Year-Old's Reaction to Super Sour Candy Is Hilariously Sweet (VIDEO)

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warheads kidBack in my day, when you wanted to trick a little kid into eating something super sour so he would make a super funny face so you could laugh and laugh at his expense, the only feasible/edible options, really, were lemons and/or limes. Beyond the occasional pickle switch-up, lemon/lime alternatives were few and far between. Unless you happened upon an especially tart grapefruit, but still. Slim pickins.

I'm telling you, the 3-year-old boy in this video doesn't know how good (terrible?) he has it. Because this poor, trusting little child was born in the era of Atomic Warhead candies. I'll assume you're familiar with the mouth/eye-watering experience of sucking on one of these harmless looking treats, but just in case you're not ... 

Well, you wanna talk sour?! They don't call 'em "atomic" for nothing. I've even wondered if these things weren't originally developed as some form of biological warfare (except that once the soul-crushingly sour part wears off, the actual candies are quite tasty).

My kids discovered Warheads on their own, when they were older than this young fellow, but if I could go back in time, I would totally do what this dad did: Start 'em early and get that first time on film. It's not mean, it's CUTE. Watch:

See? He survived. Adorably. And someday he will watch that video and laugh at his little self and be glad his parents gave him that Atomic Warhead.

Would you give your toddler a super-sour candy just to see his reaction?


Image via ElDiPablo/YouTube

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Andi Dodd

I know this post will get a flood of hatred as most posts on here do. But... I personally think its funny. They clearly warned the kid it was going to be super sour lol

nonmember avatar Christie

What an adorable little boy! I loved the little booty shake at the end. I'm with @Andi Dodd ... I have done this with both my children and would again. It's cute and it broadens their horizons with what they will and will not eat. I think it's adorable and it's not like he spit it out so he must have liked it at least a little.

nonmember avatar Amy

Too cute!!!!! He triumphed like a pro!!! Go little man!

Leighanne Hoskey

Not sure if it's because I'm older or if they actually changed the formula (what I think happened since for a while it was pratically impossible to find warheads), but they aren't as sour as they used to be which is very disappointing. It's still funny though. We have been giving my daughter lemons at restaurants since before she was a year; she makes the sour face, but she loves them!

William Norrick

Leighanna Hoskey For a 3 year old's taste bud's that would be pretty sour for him. Their taste buds are still developing as they grow.

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