A $2,500 Stroller a Toddler Can Steer Himself? No, Thanks (VIDEO)

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mechanized strollerHey toddlers, dying to escape the controlling grasp of your helicopter parents but just too lazy and/or strapped down to simply run away? Have I got a solution for you! Introducing the Robotic Stroller Conversion kit. Basically it's some motors, a Wiimote, and a Kinect sensor, and a bunch of other stuff your parents can add to your stroller so you can freakin' operate it yourself. THE TODDLER REVOLUTION WILL BE MOTORIZED! 

All you have to do is talk (or throw a tantrum, as the case may be) your parents into shelling out $2,500 for the kit and then spending a good part of their weekend cursing and weeping 20 minutes installing the thing. This looks like a fine idea. Can I get a whup whup? Let's see it in action!


Hm ... okay. For $2,500, which does not even include the stroller itself, I kind of expected more. If that's how all toddlers drive, this thing the Great Toddler Revolutions isn't going to make it out of the driveway, let alone make it all the way to the playground.

Oh wait, I just saw this note from the creator: "This kit is intended for geek moms, dads, or anyone looking for a solid platform for learning and discovering robotics." Oh I see! It's a TOY for PARENTS. Great. So nice to find out apparently some parents have so much extra money they're going to blow two grand on a toy they make you operate.

Well anyway, it's nice to know that the Kinect thingy keeps you from crashing into anything ... like I guess moving cars when you end up steering into the street? Yup, this is an excellent idea. Exactly what zero parents have been wishing for. 

Is this the kind of thing you'd ever want?


Image via traczuel/YouTube

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RoseFan1 RoseFan1

would I ever buy it? absolutely not. BUT if it were in a closed setting to help children with their developmental skills, MAYBE Id understand. from that point of view, its great. like if a child is lagging bahind developmentally or even like a rehab type deal for accidents. but I would never buy it for my son out in the park or anything...


Amanda Simpson

No way. Too frivalous of a purchase. My money can be put to better use on more important things. =)

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