'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Feels Guilty Disciplining Her Daughter

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Chelsea HouskaTeen Mom may be a show aimed at teenagers, but many of the parenting struggles the girls go through resonate with anyone who has kids. And for Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska, one of the biggest challenges is making it all work as a single mom.

The mother of 3-year-old Aubree sat down with The Stir recently to talk about life after getting rid of loser ex-boyfriend Adam Lind for good. And Chelsea confessed her biggest struggles as a single mom. 

Chelsea on how she'll explain to her daughter why she's not still with her ex:

I'm glad I made my decisions so I don't have to explain myself. He's going to feel like crap probably.

I feel like me and her are always going to be really close. From the beginning we've been little best buddies. It's just me and her. We're best friends.

Of course I have to take the mom role too, but I just feel like we're going to be really open with each other ... I don't want to ever feel like I'm scared to talk to my child about anything.

On doing it alone:

Disciplining is hard, especially when you're a single parent. I almost feel bad! I know that sounds silly. I do discipline her, but then I feel bad. And 3 is much worse than 2 with the tantrums, for sure!

I never know what to do; I'm always just, like, oh my God. Oh my god. Like in the middle of the store, sometimes she'll just lose it!

I will leave my grocery cart and walk out of the store. And then I'm scared because you can't do anything in public. Especially when people know I'm on TV, they're, like, oh my God, she is so mean to her kid. And it's, like, what do you want to me do?

Are you a single parent? Do you relate to what Chelsea is saying?


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I'm not a single mom but I know what she means about people in public. It seems like everyone wants to criticize the way parents discipline these days. If your kid is throwing a tantrum and you ignore it you're a bad parent for letting this misbehave...if you scold your child then your a bad parent for scolding them in public. My dd is only 16 months but when she has a meltdown I take her away from the crowds like to a restroom or something and we just both take a minute to calm down and try it again. it usually works. Lol

kelti... kelticmom

My heart definately goes out to her. My four year old threw himself down on the floor at Bed Bath & Beyond because I wouldn't get him a Rudolph DVD the other day.  First time he has ever done anything like that. I just stepped over him and walked around the corner. (I could still see him). Two customers were giving me evil looks. What did they want me to do? Jerk him up and spank his butt? Then someone would have called the police on me. At least this way he realized that throwing a fit was doing absolutely no good.

nonmember avatar Tom

Teen Morons 2

Lissa Fehr

Chelsea is awesome. She has a great head on her shoulders, considering. I like the show and I don't agree with most of the girls except her. She is doing her best and I think it is great that she considers her public image although it's unfotunate.

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