Missing Toddler Found After 14 Hours With Loyal Dog by His Side (VIDEO)

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Dante BerryWhen it comes to toddlers, it takes mere seconds for them to get into trouble when not under a watchful eye. So it's almost unbearable to think of a 2-year-old alone for 14 hours, outside, in the wilderness, and all of the horrible things that could happen. Fortunately, for little Dante Berry, none of them did happen to him because he had his loyal dog, Dasher, at his side protecting him during the long, frightening ordeal.

According to The Australian, it started around 8:30 p.m. last Tuesday. Dante had been playing in the front yard of his home in Mildura, Australia. His mom discovered he'd gone missing, and after frantically searching for him, authorities were called in and a 100-party search team started looking for the boy.

They continued searching all through the night as thunderstorms shook the area and rain poured down. They traipsed into the Australian bush surrounding the boy's home looking for any sign of his whereabouts. Finally around 8:30 a.m. the next morning, they found the first clue -- the boy's diaper with paw prints on it.

The paw prints were a good sign that Dasher, a German Shepherd, was with the boy, and the diaper helped police hone in on the boy's location. Soon Dasher came bounding up to them barking and took them to the toddler who was wearing only a diaper. They were two miles from Dante's house.

Besides some "grubby" limbs and a bit of dehydration, the boy was astoundingly fine and suffered no injuries, thanks surely in large part to his dog. Not only did the dog likely keep him warm and protect him from any potential predators, he surely was an emotional comfort to the boy as well during that dark, scary night.

What an amazing dog; I hope Dasher gets a big old bone. As for Dante's parents -- who said the boy had a habit of wandering away -- I hope they get a better handle on watching him more closely.

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Indig... IndigoRose

What a wonderful dog!  And, a lucky boy and his parents that the great German Shepard protected him.  That dog should get a lifetime of treats and love and praise!!!

MsRkg MsRkg

What a wonderful story and such an amazing dog. My pitbull and German Shepard are forever glued to my son's side and put up with EVERYTHING from him lol. They are inseparable. I never worry with them.

mommy... mommytojack0524

Wonderful dog!  I hope the parents of the boy watch him more closely. He is way too young to be outside without someone watching him constantly.  What a nightmare for them!

nonmember avatar Candy

I don't understand how they found the boy's diaper with paw prints on it, which led them to the boy who was "wearing only a diaper"?

nonmember avatar HS

Exactly Candy! I re-read the story to see if I'd missed something lol. I'm thinking the blogger meant to put "pants" not "diaper". It's the only thing that makes sense!

marie... mariesmama

if they found the 2 yr olds diaper?how was he wearing only a diaper when found?

Jaymie Martz

If you watch the video, the boy was found only with his shirt on. Looks like someone made a typo.

Rosa404 Rosa404

If the boy had a habit of wandering away wouldn't you keep a close eye on him. Not that I would let my 2 yet old play outside by his self in the first place. I have a fenced in yard and even when I have to run in the house to grab something and he is playing outside I run so to not lead him alone too long.

Donna Halsey

Perhaps the dog changed his diaper lol glad he was found safe great dog :)

RVTMommy RVTMommy

The video says he was found wearing only a long sleeve shirt.

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