Vicious Peacock Attacks Tiny Tot While She Feeds the Ducks (VIDEO)

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peacockYou protect your toddler from the cold, from moving cars, and from choking hazards. But are you protecting your child from PEACOCKS? Poor little 22-month-old Kylie Holland was supposedly minding her own business, feeding the ducks at a city park in Ohio, when a peacock swooped in and attacked her.

According to Kylie's parents, the peacock landed right by the girl, buzzing the top of her head (which would be terrifying, considering they're about the same size minus that giant tail) and then pecked or bit her on the cheek. Kylie had to get seven stitches from the gash! Now her parents want something to be done with the peacock, who usually roams free around the park. Did I mention this bird has 554 Facebook fans

His name is Jake, and he is the pride of New Richmond, Ohio. Jake is a wild bird, so there's not really anyone in charge of managing him. But in the wake of this disturbing attack, the city has quarantined Jake to make sure he's not rabid.

I know peacocks can be aggressive. But this is kind of extreme! I think we've all seen peacocks wandering at will in other public spaces, especially at zoos. You hear their call, and you see them strutting around all over the place, hopping fences. I've never actually seen a peacock attack anyone, though. Usually, they're trying to get away from the kids. 

So I can't help wondering if it didn't exactly happen the way Kylie's parents are saying it did. A Facebook fan of Jake's claims she and several other witnesses saw Jake accidentally clip Kyle's face as it took off in flight. She also says the bird is usually very gentle and friendly with humans. I wonder if she and others are afraid someone is going to "disappear" the peacock just because of this unfortunate incident?

I'd be pretty freaked out if I saw a peacock deliberately attack my child. But even if this was just an accident (like the witnesses say it was), I think I'd maybe want to keep my little ones a safe distance away from the bird just in case. As gorgeous as a peacock is, it's still a wild animal.

Do you think it's dangerous to allow a peacock to roam freely where there are lots of small children around?


Image via wwarby/Flickr

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Tracey Plummer

I guarantee it happened the way they said. I was attacked by a peacock when I was little, only it got me from behind. Damn thing bit me on the hiney and took a nice little chunk of skin with it. Bit right through my pants. Those things are MEAN!!!! 

Karla C. Mulrenan

Oh no! Poor girl! :( i got attacked by turkeys when I was 4. My aunt had a herd of them and she'd let them walk around lose. One started biting me and I go scared and then all the turkeys ganged up on me. It hurt so much. Those peaks pitch hard!!

nonmember avatar Mandi Suter

I feel for this little girl because she was simply being a little girl. However, this is ludicrous. Jacob has been a guest at almost every New Richmond home (even within a couple of miles of the town limits, including mine). Other witnesses have different accounts from that of these parents. Why is a 22 month old allowed to be feeding any type of wild animal (whether it be a duck, goose, or peacock) in the first place? Especially when geese are known to be aggressive? These parents need to take responsibility for their neglective actions, rather than playing the blame game.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Most definitely!!! Just like any animal... Even an innocent looking puppy can take a turn for the worst!

tiffs... tiffsgrandma

Hmmm never heard of an bird/fowl haing rabies.. sriously?? These are wild creatures and not cute litle kittens or puppis, who by the way can also hurt a toddler. The parents need to get over themselves and chalk it up to alife experiance.

Angie... AngieHayes

That sucks but I hope they don't destroy the bird, those things can be territorial and although the kid was hurt I can put myself in the position, my child got bit by a neighbors dog, and these things happen. 

Elizabeth Ahmad

Many people raise peacocks in Lousiana where I came from.  They are notoriously cranky and known to attack for no understandable reason.  I don't get why anyone would allow a peacock to wander around where children are. 

Daphne Revie

Why were the parents allowing the little girl to feed wild animals? I work with animals and I tell all people who ask me that anything with a mouth can bite and never take an animal for granted. It could have just as easily been the duck to bite her, or a squirrel, or anything else. Feel free to admire wild animals from afar. There really is no need to engage them to enjoy them. 

TAG_u... TAG_ur_it

swans are nean shits too.  i've been chased by them on more than one occasion.  the last time, i was trying to get feed from a coin machine and the asshole kept attacking me.  nevermind that i would have given him food.  but i had to shield my daughter so we could even get by them. 

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