Moms Disgusted By Breastfeeding Doll Aren't Prudes

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Hbreat milk babyave you seen the breastfeeding baby doll? It's a doll that makes little suckling noises and movements with its mouth when you hold it up to your breast -- or more accurately when you hold it up to the specially made halter top you wear when you play with the doll.

If you watch the video, you'll see it's not as weird and creepy as it sounds. Breastfeeding advocates and child experts love the doll. So why isn't it flying off the shelves? So far only 5,000 have sold in the U.S. since it was introduced about a year ago.

Actually, there's something about this doll that turns shoppers off more than breastfeeding.

Hello, the Breast Milk Baby retails for $89! That's a lot of money for a doll for your toddler or preschooler. I mean, once you see the doll in action, it's not really that scandalous. After all, how many of us have seen kids pretend to breastfeed their baby dolls anyway?

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But your child can pretend to breastfeed a doll for five bucks and a little imagination. Know what I mean? And we're talking about a toy that pretty much does one thing only (oh, I guess it burps, too). It's too much money for a gimmick. Oh sure, a worthy and educational gimmick. But still, a gimmick. Plus that sucking sounds totally robotic and unnatural.

Anyway, pro-breastfeeding, natural-minded parents who are willing to spend more money on toys for their young children have something very different in mind. They're looking for soft, organic materials that leave more to their kids' imagination. Not electronic toys that do all the imagining for them. So really, I'm not surprised this doll isn't a hit. There are cheaper, lower-tech ways to teach a child breastfeeding appreciation.

Would you buy the Breast Milk Baby if you could?


Image via Berjuan Toys

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Deweymom Deweymom

$89?! Hell no. I won't shell out for American Girls either (Grandma can!) 4 yo used to breastfeed Barney while I nursed her baby sister. Lol

lesko... lesko0324

no thanks

Maevelyn Maevelyn

Again I say it. Children have imaginations and are driven to role play. the suckling action breast thingie are not needed. lol when I had my oldest dd my mom's best friend had a 3 year old and she started nursing all of her dolls and stuffed animals because "they're all babies." it was so darn cute but that kid was commited she went through each one, taking time to talk to and burp each. 

lulou lulou

now if only the pig in the Tails board book didnt look so miserable

MamaD... MamaDV1012

Nope, my daughter only occasionally pretends to breastfeed her regular baby dolls, actually she pretends to use my breastpump more than she pretends to breastfeed. 

Billie Jo Evans

It's outrageous, my daughter was perfectly fine breastfeeding her regular dolls when I would sit down to breastfeed her sister, lol.


Jorie21 Jorie21

Would never buy it.. the price is outrageous and to be honest I wouldn't want my little girl pulling out her baby and nursing it everywhere. I am pro-breastfeeding and pro-breastfeeding in public but I think it'd be odd to see a bunch of 3, 4, 5,6yr olds, etc doing it =/ maybe at home but regardless, I agree with the writer, kids have amazing imaginations, they don't need the toy to do everything because to a little girl/boy a hairbrush can be a fully functional microphone and a ragdoll can be a real baby.

ethan... ethans_momma06

If I had a daughter, and she had not seen me breastfeed...

Yeah. I'd probably look into buying her a breastfeeding baby doll. Maybe not THIS one, but generally.... if she doesn't have an example to follow, and you don't give her the tools for regular play (when the "norm" in this society is bottle bottle bottle)- how's she supposed to learn and feel comfortable with it?

Laura Palmer

Heck no! Call my a prude or whatever ,but that is creepy, and I can honestly say I never ever pretended to breast feed any of my dolls growing up!


Kelse... Kelseyciarah

The price is my only issue with it.

But if I COULD afford it, I WOULD buy it for my daughter :)

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