3-Year-Old Finds Used Condom on Playground & Guess What She Did With It?

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condom street sidewalkThose curious little toddlers -- there's almost nothing they won't put in their mouths. If we get a bad reputation for being helicopter parents, maybe it's because we're trying to keep our kids from cramming their little mouths with disease-ridden crap. Case in point: A toddler was recently exposed to gonorrhea after putting a used condom in her mouth. Freakin' gonorrhea. And possibly HIV. From a mother-loving used condom the child put in her mouth!

Teisha Sanders says in December 2011, she was with her 3-year-old daughter at the playground of a Head Start daycare program in Jacksonville, Florida, when she saw her daughter pick up the condom and put it in her mouth. She immediately pulled it out of her daughter's mouth, washed it out, and rushed her daughter to the nearest ER for tests. The condom tested positive for gonorrhea, but so far her daughter doesn't have it or any other sexually transmitted diseases. Teisha has been getting her daughter tested every four months because doctors say it can take up to a year for STIs to show up in tests once you've been exposed. So she's not in the clear, yet.

Now Teisha is suing the Jacksonville Head Start program. The director says they clean and check the playground every day. But what a sad world we live in when a playground for preschoolers has to be checked for used condoms. Who are the geniuses having sex on playground equipment in the first place? I mean, forget asking these people to be tidy and throw away their condoms when they're finished using them. If you're sleazy enough to have sex at a children's playground, you're probably not thinking about some innocent little three-year-old discovering the evidence the next day.

And it sucks that this was at a Head Start program -- a program for low-income families who don't have a lot of options. Teisha's daughter was probably there so she could go to work every day, and the last thing a working mom needs to worry about is catching an STI from the daycare playground. In addition to not being cleaned, the playground is adjacent to a city park, and the gate between the two was open -- against Head Start policy. Amazingly, the program wasn't fined because this was a first offense. But I hope this motivates the director to get it together and protect the children so many parents depend on.

Do you trust your daycare center to protect your kids from putting potentially dangerous things in their mouths?

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Lizzy... Lizzys_mommy13

OMG! That poor little girl has to go through all of that testing and other crap all because somebody had to be an idiot! 

Valerie Valle

I dont see how it's the school's fault. Some idiot decided to get dirty on their playground, that TOTALLY sucks and I'd too be LIVID... Is the playground secure, even?

Vanessa Nicole Manitta

All playgrounds should be checked and CLEANED every morning and afternoon. Then this would not have happened.

Henry J Ceslewski Jr

I'd bet my only leg that if HIV were present in the condom that is was already dead by the time the child exposed herself to its contents. I see evidence of breeding gone wild pretty much every day with soiled diapers left in bus shelter in "beautiful Palm Springs." WTF ?

Jen Walls

she didn't eat the condom inside the building...even if they had checked the outside they might have missed it.....suing the school isn't going to do a damn thing except hurt a school that already has funding issues. bad things happen. it's not always someones fault. or in this case, it's impossible to catch the culprit , suing the school is lunacy!

Brittney Krout

that is disgusting and ridiculous! People who do things like that should be beatin! that poor little girl! :(

Amy Collins

Jen Walls, it's hard for me to believe that a 3 year old could find it so easily but not an adult. They NEED to have someone cleaning before kids get there EVERY DAY, and then this wouldn't have happened! Bad things do happen, but this could have been prevented.

Heidi Haskell-Appel

I am just glad the mother was still there.  If she wasn't, would the school have claimed this nasty accident?  I have to wonder.


Kayla Dobbins

Not to be on the defense but maybe it wasn't done at the headstart but maybe someone had done it next door and threw it over the wall that could've been encasing that playground. Nevertheless, I feel awful that such a thing has happened to anybody much less a very small child. I have a 3yr old and I just couldn't imagine her going through something like that. It is completely disgusting that someone would just leave things such as these lying willy nilly for anyone to find. It's extremely disturbing. But to answer the question, yes, my daughter goes to a school with few children in her classroom and I enjoy the more private atmosphere so she's not in a crowded class with little attention to her learning needs. And the daycare is family owned and operated.

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