Superstorm Sandy Cruelly Sweeps Toddler Brothers Out of Their Mother’s Arms

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handsAnother incredibly sad story from Super Storm Sandy: In Staten Island, two brothers were torn from their mother’s arms by the surge Monday night. Police had been looking for Connor (2) and Brandon (4) Moore ever since they found their mother, Glenda, Tuesday morning. Just this morning the boys’ bodies were found. PIX 11 says their crews were there when police informed the mother. They report that she screamed when she heard the news.

Glenda Moore earlier told police that when her house began flooding Monday night, she loaded her sons into their SUV and headed toward a relatives’ house in Brooklyn. But the car stalled in the flooding waters. She managed to pull the boys out of the child seats. Carrying Connor in her arms and holding the Brandon by the hand, she tried to make it on foot. But wave after wave knocked the children out of her grip.

Glenda says she managed to cling to a tree and avoid getting swept away herself. Then she ran to neighbors, begging for help. Most of the homes had been evacuated, but reportedly one man answered, “I don’t know who you are. I am not going to help you.” Glenda huddled on a doorstep the rest of the night until police found her around 8:00 a.m. They searched for the boys all day Tuesday and yesterday. This morning the boys’ bodies were found within 20 yards of each other in a swampy marsh where some 60 emergency personnel had been looking.

It’s hard not to judge that one neighbor who would not let Glenda in. Imagine hearing a mother’s desperate cry for help in a storm and refusing to help! But worse than that is the pain this mom and her husband must be feeling at the loss of their sons. Does she play that horrible scene over and over again in her mind, wishing she could have held on just a little bit tighter? But of course she couldn’t. She must have been holding on as tightly as humanly possible. It shows how monstrously strong this storm was. I don’t know what she could have done differently once the SUV stalled — it could have been swept away into the sea at that point. If she’d stayed at home and the rising waters had forced her and her sons to the roof of their house, I think she would have faced another impossibly dangerous situation. Sandy was just cruel.

What would you do if you heard someone calling for help outside your door during a storm?

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Roxygurl Roxygurl

So I think the person who slammed the door in her face was wrong there really wasnt much they really could have done.

First I wouldn't blame the person for not risking their life for the kids, waves were bad enough to rip the kids from their mother would another person really have been able to do anything? It's cruel to say but the kids wouldn't have made it had the person helped and in fact he might have lost his life trying to help.

2nd in the hight of a storm 911 isn't going to be able to help, they make it crystal clear that if you chose to stay you're on your own until they deem it safe. So although the person should have at least called 911 then again there is nothing that 911 would've been able to do until morning, it was simply too dangerous for them.

Now once more of its too dangerous for 911, trained professionals what makes anyone think a stranger in his home waiting out the storm could do better?

The guy was heartless and shouldn't have said and did what he did and for that I fault him but not enough to wish karma on him or condem him.

baile... baileygrl

In all honesty...I get mad at the mother in this situation.  It was made perfectly clear that this storm was gong to be BAD and everyone should take precaution.  This mother should have taken her precious babies to her family members house where she was headed when her car stalled BEFORE the storm hit and her house started flooding.  Instead she put them right in harms way and they sadly will not see their next birthday.

Mommi... MommietoJB

I agree with the posters above. Some people chose to ignore the warnings to evacuate. As a mother you need to take all precautions to ensure the safety of your children.

nonmember avatar n

I think that whilst the mom's actions were careless in not leaving sooner with her kids no one has the right to condemn her because even the cruelest thing we can say about her on here she has said worse to herself and has to live with the fact that her boys died every single day of her life and she will replay that moment over and over in her head. As for the guy that slammed the door in her face he didn't want to risk his life for a stranger's little kids fine but he could have at least given her a warm place to stay or a blanket. What goes around comes around.

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