Cute Preschoolers Caught on Tape Arguing About the Presidential Election (VIDEO)


boys playing legosIt's all fun and games until someone gets angry and chucks a Lego at your head. That's just what happens in this video when two little boys start arguing about the presidential candidates.

They both want to be Mitt Romney, but the seemingly older boy declares he gets to be, and the other boy must be President Obama. Then they start arguing over who wins, and things get ugly quickly. Check them out.

Ouch! Of course, commenters are piping in with quips like, "Romney used dirty tactics... again," but, to be fair, it easily could have gone the other way.

The mom who posted the video on YouTube, , states, "I had no idea they had ever heard of Romney or Obama! Didn't know they were learning about politics in preschool!."

It's funny how young kids are learning about politics, and what kind of opinions they form based on what they're exposed to from various sources. I've heard both of my children -- ages 9 and 3 -- come home with some crazy ideas based on what other children are saying. I'm glad kids are taking an interest, but it's unfortunate that so much of what they hear is so narrow-minded and ugly. If they hear you calling people "stupid" for what they believe, of course, they're going to do and act the same. 

How much do your young children know about the upcoming political debate?

Image via YouTube

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jessi... jessicasmom1

lol to young they have alot of time before they are able to vote save it for later

nonmember avatar Anon

My kids are 5 & 6 and they go to "late room" after school until I pick them up. The monitor has a TV on and my kids have come home with all kinds of stuff they hear on there. Lately, to get a laugh, they will say "I'm Mitt Romney [or Barack Obama] and I approve this message!" I don't love what they're seeing, but at least it will be over tomorrow.

coppe... copperswifey

lol My daughter came home and said not to vote for Obama because he doesn't do his job lol That is all they knew about it :)

Bob192 Bob192

My children get to vote in school, ages 9 and 6).  They came home talking about who they voted for and why.  I think it's great that kids get involved that early!

dusky... dusky_rose

Not nice! LOL You can tell they heard their parents talking about it.

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