Nanny Suspected of Killing Kids Makes Moms Feel Guilty for Needing Help

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There's enough mom guilt to go around for years when parents need to hire a nanny to help take care of their children, but I simply cannot imagine the horrific guilt that mom Marina Krim is going to endure after her nanny reportedly stabbed two of her children, ages 2 and 6, to death, and then tried to kill herself. Krim reportedly screamed, "Something happened to my kids!" in a scene that probably shook the other tenants of her Upper West Side apartment building to their core.

Sadly, I'm already seeing a lot of judgmental comments on this story regarding the hiring of nannies. We should bear in mind that we don't know the full story yet.

For one, we don't know that this nanny was "illegal" (a term a lot of people are already throwing around) or how long the family knew her. One neighbor says she had just met the nanny, but that could be just that one neighbor. We do not know where the nanny was hired from, or if a background check had been done. If it's anything stories of late have taught us, it's that people can be at risk from people they know -- neighbors, their own children, their own parents.

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Of course, and probably most important to remember, there are thousands of loving, kind, wonderful nannies in the country who do a world of good service to working mothers and fathers. Not everyone has the ability to stay home with three children and no help. In fact, I know stay-at-home moms who have help. In fact, it's unclear whether Marina worked at all (she may have worked as a pediatrician, according to the Daily News). As a blogger who chronicled every detail of her kids lives, she was obviously very involved with them.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with needing help. So let's try to keep an open mind here. This mother, who had to be sedated at the hospital, is going to have enough on her mind without the judgmental comments of strangers.

Unfortunately, however, this story will only heap a load of guilt on moms who are already overloaded with guilt. This is every mother's worst nightmare.


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cmjaz cmjaz

Jesus. Those poor parents. It makes my stomach hurt.

Mom24... Mom24munchkins

Those poor people :( i cant imagine the pain...

Flori... Floridamom96

Oh my word. Words fail me.

jalaz77 jalaz77

This is so unreal. Just when you think you an trust people....horrible nanny.

nonmember avatar NYC

It does not matter, but this mom was not and is not a pediatrician. In fact, she was neevr a working mom. Marina hosted a chikdren's art class twice a week during the school year.

This nanny, Josie, was referred to as a babysitter, and she had worked for the family for two years. Josue is from the Dominican Republic and when the Krim family stayed at Josie's relatives house for part of their vacation.

To my knnowledge, Josie wasn't illegal and for sure, she was kniwn by the family in the past few years. (The Krims moved from San Fran in 2009 and Josie sat for them, by all accounts, since 2010)

I can't imagine what the family is going through. The least concern, should be, whether people on the internet judge them for having a nanny. I appreciate this article is not very well researched and hopefully can be replaced with a well written and sympathetic report. Thanks!

stara... starandseen

Maybe the nanny was jealous of this family, that this mom had 3 children and she had none? I don't know. Maybe it's one of those cases that the nanny wanted those kids for herself and didn't want anyone else to have them.

For whatever reason, how horrible for the mom. There's a better story at NY Times that said she had a blog and adored spending time with Leo when the other kids were in school, the one who was in the tub.

Rita Rodrigues

Please do not add cruel comments ,,, respect the family's painful tragedy, and pray for God's blessings on them.

cmjaz cmjaz

My stupid phone wouldn't let me type my final sentence....'stay at home moms are a true blessing'.

Jessica Dufifie

Please CMJAZ how many news stories have we heard that stay at home moms have killed there own children. So shove that crap. In fact there are more cases of mothers killing their children then hired nannies. This family is mourning and do not need to be judged.

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