Octomom Reveals Her Home Life & It's Shocking (VIDEO)

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octomomFolks, I have seen the inside of Octomom's new house. And I have to say... Wow. Nadya Suleman allowed Rumor Fix's cameras inside her new house in order to dispel the rumors that she lives in squalor. And guess what? Sure looks like she doesn't live in squalor. At all. Am I really going to have to write a post where I say glowing things about Octomom? Yes, yes I am. 

The truth is, I'm impressed! It's actually clean and tidy. It looks sane. And orderly. And not at all what you'd expect from someone with such a messy tabloid life. Nadya totally looks like she's got her shizz together here.

It sounds like she's raising her kids the way I was raised. Granted, my mom had five kids and not 14, but there are some rules that just help keep the insanity of a house full of kids at a minimum. Rules like: Eating only in the kitchen table, cleaning up after yourself, not jumping on the furniture, and making your bed every day.

I'm trying to enforce most of those rules in my home -- with my one kid. Yeah, I only have one kid. But I also have about 1/100th the space Nadya has, so rules about where you eat and cleaning up after yourself still matter for us.

And I love Nadya's minimalist approach! It has occurred to me that she might be minimalist because she just moved in and can't afford a ton of junk to put everywhere -- but maybe she had a lot of junk in the former house that she got rid of before moving.

But even if this is just a clean start and she's just barely begun living la vida not loco I think this is great. Keep up the orderly life! That's the hardest part, of course -- keeping up that tidy routine. But with 14 kids I think this is the only path to sanity for Octomom.


Does your family have some of the same household rules Octomom does?


Image via Rumor Fix

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Blaze Hazen

Of course it looks great! She just moved in two weeks ago and all her stuff is brand new. She invited them in and had time to make sure everything was perfect! Rumor not dispelled I want to see them come back in a month, 6 months, and a year lets see how that house changes!


Alicia Hill

^Exactly!! And she knew they were coming!! My house is ALWAYS clean and tidy when I know someone's coming! Phsssh! LOL

tuffy... tuffymama

What Blaze said. I'm unimpressed. She's a train wreck and those poor kids are innocent passengers. I hope to heaven the nannies' allegations of the older kids sexually abusing the younger ones aren't true.

ashhh... ashhhes16

where do the 6 oldest kids sleep??

Bonnie Bruns Williams

LOL, when she kept saying, " Less is more - that's what I've always believed..."  Haha, except with how many kids to bive birth to...



You know, I saw an interview with her once, and at first I thought... why the hell am I watching this,  but then I noticed she didn't seem so crazy.  The most redeeming thing she said was that she admits she what she did was irresponsible.  Some people can never, ever admit that maybe they should've done things differently, but she fully admitted that she made an emotional decision that she should have thought out better.  She was also talking about how healthy eating is the only way she has enough energy to get by, and I thought that was a great point.  I'm impressed with her house too, and with her kids.  They seemed pretty calm, and you can't fake that, even for TV cameras.

cmjaz cmjaz

I don't think she's 'certifible' crazy but she does have a few screws loose IMO

amazz... amazzonia

to me is just disgusting...no crayons or marker in the house? no jumping? cleaning after themselves? sure I tell them to do it, most of the time they do it, but to have that kind of obedience with little kids...something doesn't seem right, ether she has scared that kids to death or she's lying, and from what I heard from the former nannies I'm afraid that the first option is the right one

Reny Simone

Unfortunately for the children who live in the house with Nadya, these well-rehearsed "photoshoots" are just that - something for the cameras only. Wait until a few months have passed, then we'll see if the "more is less" philosophy of childrearing is still working for her... doubt it.

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