Sick 23-Month-Old Dies After Waiting More Than an Hour to See Doctor -- Despite Dad's Pleas

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waiting roomWhen 23-month-old Lucie Linforth became ill earlier this month with a fever and what her parents thought might be a chest infection, her father took her to their family doctor. While they say she looked "extremely poorly" and her lips were turning blue, the receptionist told them to wait. And wait they did -- for more than hour.

According to the girl's father, Eric Linforth, 33, he went up to the reception desk four or five times during a 70-minute period of time, and was told to sit back down without anyone even giving his daughter a glance. At one point he was shown a sign that said anyone who was being abusive to the staff would not be seen. Finally, as the poor girl sat there physically deteriorating, he told them to call an ambulance. It was too late.

Though she was finally taken into the "minor injuries" room, and doctors tried to resuscitate her for more than 45 minutes, Lucie died at a hospital shortly thereafter.

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Now her parents are left grieving the little girl they'll never see grown up and are furious about the events they say transpired. They're left wondering how if only the receptionist would have listened to their pleas, their little girl might still be with them today.

Her mom, Angie Collins, wrote on her Facebook page Justice for Lucie:

I have no coroner's results yet. But unofficial suspicions are that, the 1 hours ten minutes that Lucie was alive in the surgery, could have been used to get her seen, rushed to hospital, put on meds & given her a chance to fight for her life. Fridays receptionist robbed Lucie of her chance to fight. My beautiful vibrant larger than life little baby girl is now dead.

I simply can't imagine sitting there beside her as a parent, knowing there are people mere feet away that could help her but they're not, and then seeing her slip away. There's always a line where you don't want to be the hysterical parent yelling and demanding things because you fear it will do more harm than good, but there are sometimes that it may be the only way. It's impossible to know what would have happened if her father had yelled louder, demanded more, but you can't help but wonder.

An investigation is underway although her death isn't being treated as suspicious, according to the Daily Mail. But Lucie's family is working to prevent such a tragedy from happening to others, and so far their Facebook page has garnered support from more than 30,000 people. They say won't stop until they receive some justice and see some changes in the system.

It obviously won't bring Lucie back; nothing will. But hopefully her story will prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again.

Have you ever been ignored by a health professional when your child was in need?


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Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

What happened to that little girl is extremely sad and infuriating because it could easily have been handled properly, and it wasn't. If the little girl was doing that poorly and the receptionist knew just from looking at her then she should have immediately called an ambulance or a doctor. Blue lips are obviously a sign of extreme distress. I'm sorry but no amount of law suits could make me not want to physically harm that person. I'm angry just reading this article. Those poor parents. I can't imagine what they are going through, and I hope I never have to. If I was ever in the same predicament I would have called 911 instead of relying on an idiot for a receptionist. But I don't know what their circumstances were. Maybe they didn't have a phone or a car available. God bless that family. I hope that receptionist gets a big dose of karma

Roxygurl Roxygurl

Were they at the actual hospital or doctors office?

Why, when they didn't get attention/help did they continue to sit there rather than find another place to take their daughter?

Yes the receptionist was wrong in not helping the little girl sooner if she was just working at a doctors office then she may not have any medical training and probably didn't realize how life threatening the situation was.

Again why did the parents continue to sit there? Why didn't they call an ambulance sooner? Why did they not find another place to take their kid?

purpl... purple_creeper

Sorry but as a parent if i see my kid like this and tey keep on telling me to wait I WOULD HAVE CALLED THE AMBULANCE OR I WOULD HAVE TAKEN HER TO THE ER KY SELF. This is the staffs fault, yes it is. But the parents could have done something too if she looked that bad!

Music... MusicMuse1991

i cannot imagine...i'm in tears. there's no excuse whatsoever for this.

nonmember avatar nicky

The dad put his baby's life the hands of a receptionist. Why? If my child was showing such distressing signs I'd be dialing 911 or driving my ass to the emergency room.

nonmember avatar Ashley

While this story is extremely sad and I will pray for the parents of that little girl, what I don't understand is 1. Why the receptionist/nurse wouldn't call an ambulance after seeing the blue lips and 2. If my child's lips were turning blue and I saw him deteriorating, I wouldn't sit there and continue to wait. Id rush him to the ER. I don't get how you can just sit there when you know the outcome doesn't look great for your child.

puasa... puasaurusrex

Several months ago, my son (23 months at the time) pushed a chair he was sitting in backwards and split his head open. My husband took him to the closest ER where they informed him it was a 4 hour wait. My husband told them he was bleeding profusely and was worried about a head injury and several others in the waiting room offered to give up their spot so he could be seen quicker, but the receptionist told him no. He took him to the next closest hospital (an hour and a half away) to get stitches and checked up. It infuriates me that sometimes these people ignore situations because it doesn't seem that serious to them.

nonmember avatar sboone

Please note that this took place in Bedfordshire England, where they have National Health care. Please think of that as you vote for Obamacare.

Roxygurl Roxygurl

I love how someone has to turn this into politics.

This happened at a doctors office in another country and could happen here in the us with or without obamacare. This story has NOTHING to do with politics but some people will try their hardest to try to associate the two.

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