President Obama Is Clear Winner of Kids' Vote

Everyone has an opinion on who they want to win the 2012 Presidential election and why. Will it be four more years for President Barack Obama? Or will Mitt Romney prevail? We do have more than two choices, but the debates have our Democratic President and Republican choice getting us all riled up over everything they say. What if we simplified it? What if we took this vote to the littlest of kids?

That's exactly what I did. I showed kids 5 and under side-by-side photos of the candidates and asked them who they wanted to be President and why. Some kids saw the photos pictured above (that's my daughter); others saw images of the candidates wearing different suits. All images shown were chosen in attempt to be non-biased. But it was revealed to me quickly that some kids just like blue a lot. I also learned that my house is divided in who we are voting for. Regardless, there was a clear winner in our kid vote for President. Check out their picks and reasons behind them.

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Obama Voters

Arran, 4, voted Obama. "Cause he's the guy of the United States!" And you don't like that other guy? "No, he is a bad guy." So you want this one? (Obama) "Yeah, because I love him."

Hans, 5, voted Obama. "I just want to keep the current President."

Delaina, 4, voted Obama. "He should win. He looks like he's older." Then pointed to Romney and said, "He should lose, he doesn't look older, and he has black hair."

Ireland, 5 1/2, voted Obama: "Because he's not as old as that guy (points to Romney).

Ethan, 5, voted Obama. "Because I like him. He's a good President."

Kaylan, 3, voted Obama. "I want him to be because. Because I love him."

Max, 3, voted Obama. "That guy! Duh, he is the president."

Bianca, 5, voted Obama, because she said "I think he's smarter."

Ivan, 5, voted Obama. "I like him." Why? "I just do."

Torin, 4, voted Obama. Pointing to Romney, "How about this Democrat?" Mom said, "He's not a democrat." Points to Obama: "How about this Democrat?"

Lukas, 2 1/2, voted Obama. "I don't know. Him nice."

Rose, 4, voted Obama. "Because I like that guy!" Mom asked, why not this guy pointing to Romney. "Because I don't like that guy."

Clara, 4, voted Obama. "I pick the blue one (Obama). Blue is gooder than red. The red one looks funny, like a clown who forgot his face paint and fake hair. Well, his hair looks kind of fake. Is that is his real hair, mommy? Hmmm, I think the blue one goes to the dentist a lot. He has pretty teeth. Maybe he flosses."

Finn, 2 1/2, voted Obama. When I asked why, he gave a smile and said "don't know."

Claire, 4 1/2, voted Obama. "Um, because he's brown, and I like brown."

Maddox, 4, voted Obama. "It starts with and O! OBAMA! Because he has the most points." When Mom asked what the points were, he replied, "For the debate!" How do you win points at a debate? "I just say the best words I can."

Drea, 3, voted Obama. "I like that guy."

Conner, 4, voted Obama. "I don't know why."

Kayla, 2, voted Obama. "Bama!" was her response. Kayla's twin brother Carter wouldn't vote and ran away.

Kamlyn, 4, voted Obama. "He's looks and and he's laughing so he's funny. I like him."
Ava, 5, voted Obama. "He looks smart and you need to be smart to run the country." Then she asked who our President is and Mom pointed to Obama. "So I win! Do i get a prize for picking right?"
Jonah, 5, voted Obama. "Because he looks the greatest!"
Isabel, 5, voted Obama. "He is so kind and beautiful. He is loving to people who are sick or hurt."
Holiday, 2 1/2, voted Obama. "He looks like a nice man."

Isabella, 4, voted Obama. When asked why she said, "I don't know."

Daniella, 4, voted Obama. Gave no reason.

Hannah, 5, voted Obama. "Because he is smiling more."

Penelope, almost 3, voted Obama. "Because I can!" When asked what that meant, she said, "Because he can do it! Yes! He can open the window!"


Romney Voters

Rocco, 5, voted Romney. "Because I like his tie."

Jack, 5, voted Romney. "Because he looks good"

Molly, 4, voted Romney. "Because he was wearing black."

Josie, 5, voted Romney. "I like his tie."

Aurora, 3 1/2, voted Romney. When asked why she said no and walked away.

Elliott, 2, voted Romney. He was excited to choose between the "guys" and when asked why said, "Mouth."

Hunter, almost 3, voted Romney. "Because of my truck."



Sofia, 3, voted Romney. He's a nice guy and he likes everyone." But then changed to Obama. She said, "His smile shows he's nice."


Summary: The Obama voters were certainly spirited in their responses. Nice teeth, beauty, brains -- all good attributes. Romney did well with his tie. We'll see who really wins a prize in a couple of weeks.

What do you think of these kids' votes? Ask your child, and report back what they had to say!


Image via Michele Zipp

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Pinkmani Pinkmani

College aged people are President Obama supporters; however, they don't vote. I think the reason why these younger kids are picking President Obama over Mitt Romney is because he's been the President for 4 years and they know what President Obama looks like - just familiarity. 

BPayne09 BPayne09

Sadly I think that's how some people actually vote!

ivego... ivegotrhythm

Not at my sons' school. And we live in a typically liberal college town. But even the liberals here don't want another four years like the last four.

Audra Norris

Because kids are dumb and do not know any better!!

Harris06 Harris06

And this is why children are not allowed to vote. They don't know any better. Unforunately, however, some adults should not be allowed to vote either because they vote the same way; "eenie, meenie, miney, MOE!"

Kristi Gustafson Barlette

Great idea/post, but it's 5 and younger, please, younger. Over/under is reserved for location (a grammar pet peeve from an admitted grammar mistake-maker :)).

nurse... nursemama88

@audra just because they do not understand does not make them dumb. They are children and cannot understand the concepts. That is like me calling you dumb because you do not have an uderstanding of diseases like I do, but I believe you to be an intelligent individual.

Jack Kennedy

after 4 years of the obama depression, this pretty well PROVES what it takes to support obama.......................young and/or DUMB

ethan... ethans_momma06

My son was the Ethan. We do discuss politics in the home, he knew who the President was, and he knew who Romney was.

The fascinating thing about his response was that neither myself, nor my husband, nor my immediate family... are fans of Obama AT ALL! HA! ( I hope this is an indication that we have raised him to think for himself instead of blindly following mom and dad, but... you never know!)

Also, I find it interesting that so many people are calling 'Dumb'. Hardly a logical argument, and really doesn't look good for your side (the anti-Obama side) at all. Please stop. If you cannot use proper grammar- you may not want to be the person yelling DUMB! at any other individual.

Turbo... TurboMom81

It sad that the people who are against Obama are insulting our children, calling them dumb.   Just makes  you look bitter.   Children understand more than we will ever know.

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