5 Not-Too-Scary Halloween Stories for Toddlers and Preschoolers (VIDEO)

little orange houseSpooooky Halloween stories for toddlers and leetle goblins -- do they even exist? Most ghost stories are too scary for small children. No one wants to give their little ones nightmares! But there are a few cute stories out there that have just the right amount of Halloween flavor -- more sugar than spice. Here's a few of our favorites.


Five Little Pumpkins. This was my son's favorite -- we recited it over and over again. Kids can learn to tell it along with you, and I love the hand movements.

In a Dark, Dark House. This is a simple story that makes the use of repetition. The "scary" part is just the surprise at the end. Remember to start out in your regular voice and then get quieter and quieter so the loud "Boo!" is more of a surprise. There are a few other little-kid-friendly stories on this page.

Little Orange House. As you tell the story about a NICE tiny little witch and her house, you gradually cut out a Jack-O-Lantern. Cute -- and not even remotely scary.

Scary Night. Fill in the blanks to create your own custom Halloween story.

Old Jack. This is the story about how a big, lonely pumpkin helped a lonely old man bring trick-or-treaters to his house.

Want more toddler and little-kid Halloween stories? Check out Amazon's list of "not-so-scary-stories" you could probably find at your local library or bookstore. And Little Story Bug has more cute Halloween rhymes.

Do you have any favorite Halloween stories for small children?


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