Baby Gets Tongue Bath From Dog -- Sweet or Disgusting? (VIDEO)

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tongue bath

I have never been a fan of dog kisses. Why in the world would I let a dog lick my face knowing that at some point during the day, he has licked his rear? It just grosses me out.

The parents of cute little Jaden clearly don't mind it. Check out the major tongue-bath they let their sweet pooch Sadie give the toddler.

While I may be tempted to dip her in Purell, little Jaden doesn't seem to mind the loving licks. She's actually having a ball!

Would you let your dog do this? Is it sweet or totally disgusting?



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gridi... gridironsmom

Love the red hair and am willing to bet her parents wash her with soap and water afterwards. So cute!

Madam... MadameGarlic

This is wonderful! If the parents are concerned, they can always wash up the baby afterwards. This makes my day...what a precious girl and sweet dog.

nonmember avatar Rach

It is both sweet and disgusting (very, very disgusting). I'm not a dog person but that doggy obviously loves that little person!

MomLi... MomLily67

Just wash the baby afterwards. My niece has licked her dog one to many times, she does in retribution for the  tonche baths she get from him, hehehe!!

QCBaby QCBaby

i love puppy kisses =)

Crystal English-Kautz

it is adorable. i love puppy kisses. my dogs do it all the time to my kids..

Beth Wankel

It's very sweet. There's nothing wrong with a little dog slobber. It's cleaner than ours!

raven... ravenstears

Sooo sweet :) I grew up on a vegetable farm and we had an entire pack of dogs. The alpha female was a Newfoundland who decided I was her puppy, she tongue bathed me all the time and carried me by the back of my pull ups/pants. Every scrape she licked healed faster than those she didn't. The times I spent as just an other dog in the pack were some of my favorites. Sometimes the dogs would get into rather intense fights, I could crawl right into it and be no worse for wear. I think its wonderful :)

Andre... Andreamom001

It's adorable...though I would wash her off afterwards.  

When my oldest son was a baby...the stage when they put EVERYTING in their mouth, he wanted to put our cats and dogs into his mouth, too.  He would reach for them withhis mouth open when they walked by...and one dog would come close to check on him.  He would grab her and start trying to suck on her nose/face.  She would start licking him enthusiastically in response.  It looked basically like my dog and my baby were "making out."  It was cute and funny, but also disgusting, and I would always make them stop! 

Juani... Juanitaluna

This dog really loves this little girl so sweet

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