Honey Boo Boo & Suri Cruise Have More in Common Than You Think

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Honey Boo Boo has been called a lot of things since her small screen debut and I bet stylish has never been one of them -- until now. That's right, folks. It looks like the sassy pageant contestant may be going from country-bumpkin to city chic.

Watch out Suri Cruise! Alana is taking fashion cues from you and clearly gunning for your spot atop the kiddie style throne.

The Here Comes Honey Boo star hit an Alabama Walmart with Momma June in a surprisingly fashionable pair of sliver kitten heels. She was also sporting sleek black leggings, a cool graphic tee, and a polka-dot vest -- which is totally "in" right now. The trip may not have been akin to a helicopter ride to the Hamptons with Tom Cruise, but the look certainly rivals Suri's style.

It's a change from Alana's usual looks -- but then again, you don't expect her to wear Gucci to do mud flops at the Redneck Games or to make the family's favorite dish, "Sketti" (whipped up with noodles, butter, and ketchup). But it looks like that's all changing.

The 7-year-old is a wannabe beauty queen, after all. It was only a matter of time that she started dressing the part off-stage too. She finally can now, thanks to the big salary bump TLC is giving them for season 2. The family is reportedly going from $5,000 an episode to a whopping $20,000! That should buy a whole lot of kiddie couture.

What do you think of Honey Boo Boo's style?


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Krystina Wong

can't compare them suri is beautifull and alana... sorry to say but is just plain ugly!

purpl... purpleflower514

Agreed... Honey Boo Boo can not compare to Suri.

bills... billsfan1104

Wow to the other commenters. Cant you just say something nice about both the kids? After all they are only kids.

kelti... kelticmom

Are we really so de-evolved that we are making fun of little children now? Oy vey!

KTH_1313 KTH_1313

Yet again I wonder what goes through those parents' heads when they let their little girls wear high heels! The over-sexualization of young girls is bad enough, it doesn't need help and those little foot-torture devices can't be good for their feet.

And yes, they're both adorable but honestly- heels? [wince]

nonmember avatar Fashionista73

Have to agree with KTH_1313 - those heels, though kitten heels, are not age appropriate for Honey Boo. Suri's outfit looks like a typical LITTLE GIRL outfit. Honey Boo's looks way too grown for her age. Flat shoes or athletic shoes would've been just fine with that look. BTW, I really don't think it fair to pit Honey Boo against Suri - so NOT a fair fight!

Gina Kilby

and i can't believe i am going to say this, but seriously the heels are fine. if you dont like it, then stfu!! the heels are cute. on the kid who is wearing them, ewwww......  i would let me daughters who are 4.5 and 2 wear them. not running around obviously. but to say church or a wedding, or a funeral.  who the hell cares. they are super cute, again. back in the day and still rings true today, i wear a little girls size 1-2 shoe. if we had the money, you bet your ass i would be wearing those shoes. do you know how hard it was to find shoes in my size (of 1-2), for 8th grade graduation, or anything along the lines of me having to dress up? i am now 26. it really wasnt that long ago. my feet haven't grown since i was in 4th grade. i was 9. so lay off the heel wearing of kids.

Amanda Johnson

Alana is beautiful. She could look even more beautiful if she ate healthy foods more instead of junk all the time. Her mother did that to the poor child. She is a child, no need for grown people to pick on her looks. Suri is beautiful, too. She has always been taken care of in a healthy way, that why she looks the way she does.


For Alana, that's a 360, she looks nice, she also looks like she's trimming down, there's nothing to compare they are two completely diffrent souls, bringing diffrent aspects to the table, as they are children i say let them be there need not be a start of words refering to a competitive nature, this is how problems and animosity start, the next thing you know grown adults are taking what you stated and making it a reality and all bedlam is breaking loose, you could have better used the space by giving Alana her own comments of congrats for pulling it together,and looking great, life dosen't always have to be drama filled to make people notice you!

Crystaline Maria

um I'm pretty sure Alan's outfit is from Walmart so can't really compare, but it's just clothes so who cares

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