Your Toddler's Brain: A Map of That Crazy, Curious World (GRAPHIC)

know thy toddlerEver wonder what's going on inside your toddler's mind?

It takes a little while, but sooner or later all parents end up becoming de facto experts in toddler thought. And we really don't need a degree in psychology either! Here at The Stir we came up with, what we believe, is going on in the mind of a typical toddler. Click on image above and see if your kids are just like ours!

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Can you practically hear your little one thinking this stuff!?

1. If I drop this on the floor, will it break?

2. WHY? But why? Why? Why? Why?

3. I bet one of these might fit up my nose!

4. The sun is up! Everyone out of bed!

5. I have to pee. RIGHT now! Just. Can't. Hold. It!

6. Pleaseeee! Just one more bedtime story.

7. Mommy’s high-heels are begging me to walk in them.

8. Absolutely anything can be used as a drum: Tabletops, pots, my little sister's head.

9. I know this symbol means something ... was it drink me?

10. MINE! I don't wanna share. I'm not gonna share!

11. If I yank kitty’s tail, I bet she will make that funny noise!

12. I can drive the car just like Mommy. There's nothing to it!

13. Hello, dangerous creature, would you be my friend?

Can you relate to some of these things? Which ones remind you the most of your toddler?

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Brooke Renee Hall

#4. this is my almost-3-yr-olds new theory. and she isnt buying into the whole "the sun loves to watch you sleep!" ploy.

Christina Michelle Wolgamot

OMG... I just love when we are getting ready to leave and I ask her if she needs to pee. Her reply is always no. Then I try to talk her into just sitting on the potty before we leave, but she alwasy admantly tells me "No I don't have to pee!" So we get out to the car strap her in to her carseat then all of a sudden it's "I have to go potty!!!"

Todd Vrancic

My kids were all like the last one--still are, come to think of it.

izzys... izzysmom2000

Aside from my daughter being all of these...#9 really stands out.  WHY?!  LOL  I said NO.  Ugh they need to create a new "no" word.

Candace Jennings

Lmao, this is MY son! Well, except #4, he can sleep until 10 in the morning (:

Charlene Jennings

You forgot the one that goes, "Mommy said no? Well if she doesn't see it it's o.k right?".

Deryni28 Deryni28

Number 1, number 8, and number 11!!!!

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