Kate Gosselin's Alleged Wooden Spoon Spankings Show She Needs a Time-Out

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wooden spoonsAfter recently seeing a photo of a seemingly angry Kate Gosselin holding her daughter's shoulders, I didn't want to judge even though the caption claimed she was berating her child. I've been in that exact pose before, firmly talking to my little one after she ran into the street. I've also had moments -- moments I'm not proud of -- where I've lost my cool and yelled a little too loud over something minor. I'm human. I apologize. I learn from it. Birthing six babies at once does make Kate seem superhuman, but she's a mom who makes mistakes just like the rest of us.

There are, however, some claims that Kate repeatedly used a wooden spoon to hit her then-2-year-olds when they got into the candy, didn't use the potty, or climbed out the crib. When we as parents find ourselves in moments like this -- repeating a pattern that we don't want to repeat -- shouldn't that be a sign that we, not our kids, need a time-out?

When it comes to disciplining my kids, I don't believe in spanking, no corporal punishment, not even a slap on the butt. For my family, striking our children in any way is no way to teach them something. If I drop paint all over the floor, my husband isn't going to slap me for being careless. Children are people, too. They should also be treated with respect. If they do something that could be dangerous to them like running in the street, or if they act out and push other children at the playground, we let them know that action is not okay and tell them the better way to act in those situations.

And if you think most 2-year-olds don't listen, you are right. I believe everything we tell our kids at 2 won't truly resonate until they are in their 3s. It's a true test of a parent's patience, but isn't that a key quality all parents should have anyway?

Kate had six 2-year-olds. Plus two 6-year-olds. And how old was Jon at the time? It's almost like she treated him like her ninth child. Still, I don't think any of this makes beating children repeatedly with a wooden spoon okay because it just teaches them to be violent. If this is true, she needed help. Real help. Kids can learn that hitting is what happens when you do something wrong. So what happens then when a child steals their toy at school? They hit that child. A cycle of violence can begin. These allegations that Kate's method of discipline was hitting her kids with a wooden spoon come from writer Robert Hoffman, the man who had access to her private journals when they wrote Multiple Bles8ings and EightLittle Faces together. "She was beating 2-year-old babies in diapers," he reportedly told Star magazine.

Hoffman also just wrote a scathing tell-all Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World that went on sale October 1 but it was pulled from sale two days later after lawyers claimed it violates copyright.

It never ends with this family. The wooden spoon beatings. The Jon versus Kate situation. All of the allegations -- whether true or not true -- are going to affect the children the worst. If we think the wooden spoon beatings were bad, so is the constant barrage of hate toward the Gosselins. It will trickle down to those kids. And when I mentioned that time-out, I think it not only works for parents who take anger and frustration out on their kids, it works for those who repeatedly tear down the Gosselins. Just when things get quiet, a firestorm begins again with more potentially harmful accusations. Doesn't matter if it's true or not, once it's out there, it's there for those kids to see, be judged by their peers, do real damage.

Maybe we all need a time-out from that, too.

Is the media too hard on Kate? Should we step back, realize she's human too, and give her a break? Or maybe it should all be dealt with privately and not dragged into the press to try to protect the kids?


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fave82 fave82

Way to take a rumor and run with it!!

basmet basmet

Try again when you're a single mom of 8 kids and I might take you more seriously.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

After a point all my mom had to do was pull the (big!) wooden spoon out of the drawer and we kids ran like heck and straightened up.  I am a person in society who follows the law and is considered civilized and (even polite in these obnoxious times) so do what you have to Kate.  You're kids may actually grow up to understand that there are consequences, good and bad, for good and bad actions, accordingly.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

I don't believe these rumors. Kate can spank her kids if she wants to.

nonmember avatar jessica

wow.. This is ridiculous. My daughter gets a wooden spoon or my hand, sometimes even a plastic spatula, and she is, by far, one of the best behaved children i know. She does not cower in fear to ANYONE, not even me, but she quickly learned cause and affect. There is nothing wrong with Kate spanking her kids. People need to quit nit-picking on her for silly reasons!!

nonmember avatar Ram

While we don't know if this story is true (although not hard to believe from seeing how this woman behaves) it is shameful that hitting a child is seen as the best way to instruct or guide a child. A two year old is still learning the ways of the world and how to act. Inflicting pain on them is cruel. You can still get good results without striking your child. You can still teach them how to behave without the threat of pain. They can still grow up to be respectful, law abiding, productive citizens.

mizkr... mizkriz73

Ugg I feel that woman should be left alone. It can't be easy raising 8 kids by yourself. I don't always agree with her ideas but still. I think people should cut her some slack. I grew up in a home where spanking were allowed. I sometimes used to spank my kids.

the4m... the4mutts

Whether you spank, or not * I personally DO* It should not be done with a wooden spoon, in my personal opinion. When you hit with an object, hit numerous times, or with a closed fist, it graduates to abuse, not dicipline.

Do I believe Kate did it..? Ehh. Probably not.

Felly... FellyScarlett

My parents favorite was the belt. I was a huge brat, and they only did it when they needed to. But what do you know I was way more well behaved than kids now a days.

amber... amberdotsmom

My Grandmother and my Aunt both used the wooden spoon.  But when I think back they never actually hit us with it that I can recall.  Maybe they did and it didn't ruin my psyche.  I remember Gram would slap it in her hand and give us "the look" or swish it in the air by our legs but I don't remember her ever actually hitting our legs.  Either way we'd straighten up fast.  My Aunt had one with the handle cut down in her purse and all she'd have to do is threaten to pull it out even if we were at the store and again we went into behave mode.

It's not whether you use a hand or a spoon, it's all in how you use it - a little threat or a quick light swat is fine, repeated hard wacks that start to move into beating territory is a problem

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