'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Is Allowed to Put Her Son in a Dog Cage

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Teen Mom dog cageTeen Mom Kailyn Lowry is doing the best she can as a mom, and judging from the show, she's doing all right. Her son Isaac is happy. Her relationship with Isaac's father Jo is manageable. She's working. She's going to school. So why on Earth was she briefly forced to quit Twitter yesterday after she started getting attacked?

It all started when she tweeted out a photo of her son in a dog cage. Shocking, I know. I mean, no. Not at all. Just yesterday I had two different friends post photos of their kids in their dog's cages. As any parent of both dogs and kids knows, they WANT to get in those cages. Why? I don't know. But they do.

Here are some of the things her "fans" said:

"You're a horrible parent. That's dirty and gross." Eye roll.

Someone else said: "Not cute at all. That cage is for dogs not kids. No way in hell I would ever have allowed my son to play where dog sleeps."

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I am sorry, but seriously? First of all, dogs are good for kids. That fact has been proven again and again. They help with allergies and to build immunity. They are also good emotionally to help children learn compassion and responsibility. But most of all: If your dog is THAT dirty, why would you let it in the house at all?

It seems like people are looking for an excuse to bash Kailyn, which seems just wrong. I am a grown up mom in her 30s with two children, a mortgage, plenty of education and responsibility, and my kids have played in our dog's cage. You really want to tell me I am a horrible parent? I can think of 25 ways parents could do worse to their kids in under three seconds.

Maybe these aren't dog people. Who knows. What I do know is that we moms ought to cut one another some slack once in a while. It's completely unacceptable to come down on Kailyn for doing something most of us dog moms have done.

It won't kill a kid to get some germs. Sheesh. I am pretty sure a kindergarten classroom is more germy than a dog's bed. This is just judgemental and wrong. I am glad Kailyn came back to Twitter. She shouldn't let the haters get her down.

Do you think Kailyn was wrong?

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LSeab... LSeabolt1982

Oh for Gods sake. Not a big deal at all.

.dome... .domesticdiva.

I dont see the big deal. Its not like she keeps him in there! He probably was really interested in it, so let him explore. 

nonmember avatar Michelle

WTF is wrong with people? WHY is this a big deal??! My daughter does not have any siblings yet, so our dog is her best friend! Our pooch licked her up and down the day we brought her home from the hospital and those two nap together, wrestle together, play together...and she LOVES to climb in the dog's bed! And just as you stated--if your dog is THAT dirty, perhaps you shouldn't own a dog or just not keep it INSIDE your home. Stupid people.

nonmember avatar Rita Carlson

This is SO not a big deal! It's not like she put her son in there, he went in there because he saw the dog go in there. I've got more than one picture of my son sitting in a dog kennel. Does that make me a horrible parent? I don't think so!!

purvi... purvislets

It's not like he's locked in there.  If we had a crate for our dog our kids would probably find ways to get in there.  They are just curious!  Now, if he were wearing a collar and was put in there and locked up so she could have some private time that would be different.  But he's content.  He's sitting in there happily drinking from his sippy cup.  Doesn't look like an abused kid to me!

tnyangel tnyangel

Never ever watched this show, but let my son play in the dog cage, yeah, I would do that.

wyatt... wyattsmom2009

Big deal. My son plays in the dogs cages alot. He loves to crawl in them and play. Nothing at all wrong with it.

color... coloradocakegal

How lame. My twelve year old hangs out in there still. He'll read a book with his dog in there all curled up.

girly... girlystepmomof1

good grief. she probably just thought it was a cute picture opp and decided to share it with her friends

Zamaria Zamaria

All my kids LOVED playing in the dog cage when they were little. My youngest still does. That's silly to make a big fuss over it.

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