Amy Poehler's Love for Her Son Is Her Best Emmy Accessory

amy poehler ringMy favorite celeb accessory at the Emmys last night (well, tied with Nicole Kidman's teal Louboutins) has to Amy Poehler's ring: A giant blue plastic rock on an adjustable band her son gave her. He pulled out the $2.00 ring from his toy box and insisted she wear it with her stunning Stella McCartney halter dress.

"He told me I should wear it, and I listened to him," Amy told Ryan Seacrest. I love that Amy just went with it and wore that giant toy ring like it was the finest Fred Leighton jewelry. How many of us can relate to that? Not attending the Emmys, I mean being treated to the stylings of your toddler? Who can say no to that sweet little face?


I know I can't! My son used to pick up stray barrettes from the playground -- you know those plastic ones molded into the shape of a bow or a flower? -- and insist I put them in my hair. I could think of a thousand reasons to say no. (Most of them microscopic and communicable.) But sometimes I'd just give in because it was just so sweet of him to insist. He saw something pretty and he thought that belonged on Mommy.

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I've got little beaded bracelets too small to put on, a clay blob on an elastic that's supposed to be a necklace, and yes, I've even been handed those little plastic bling rings. My favorite has to be the wooden heart on yarn that hangs at my desk. It's kind of too heavy and clunky to wear very often, but I do love seeing it every day.

heart necklace

And I love seeing kid jewelry on other parents. Sometimes even dads get some bling! If they're lucky. Honestly, I can't imagine any other piece of "real" jewelry ever being worth as much to me as the toy bling my son brings me.

Do wear the jewelry your toddler makes or finds for you?

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