Grandma Teaches 4-Year-Old to Fight for Her Right to Play in a Pink House (VIDEO)

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pink playhouseLet's say your 4-year-old daughter's grandma built her an adorable pink and purple playhouse, which, of course, became her favorite place to play in the whole wide world. The perfect spot for tea parties and make-believe -- one of those things every little girl dreams about. She loves that playhouse more than anything.

Let's say Grandma's Home Owner's Association does NOT love that playhouse more than anything. On the contrary, they really are not very fond of the playhouse at all, because they have a rule about "sheds" and/or "garages" being painted the same color as an owner's actual home, and Grandma's actual home is brown, not pink and/or purple. So the HOA sues Grandma and threatens to have the playhouse torn down.

How, exactly, would you explain this situation to your heartbroken daughter?

Because according to Becky Rogers-Peck of Georgia (builder of the condemned playhouse), her granddaughter Aubree "knows exactly what's going on, and she is very upset about it. She is scared they might make us tear it down.’’

Aww, poor kid! So here we have a very sticky parenting situation. Some big meanies think Grandma broke their rule. But Grandma legit didn't think she WAS breaking the matching paint-job restriction: “I totally agree with the rules if it’s a shed or a garage, but I consider this play equipment like a trampoline or a swingset. Originally, I was just going to buy a Little Tikes Playhouse, and what would have been the difference?" Indeed.

Now, the question is, do we explain to our child that, Oh well, rules are rules and it's not Grandma's fault but if they tear down the playhouse there's nothing we can do? Or do we explain to our child that, Some rules are meant to be broken and sometimes you have to stand up to authority and you gotta fight for your right to party in a pink playhouse?

In my opinion, the latter. Which is exactly what Aubree's family is trying to do, which is a problem because lawyers are expensive, but they're still not backing down, and I really hope they figure out a way to win this one!!

What would you tell your child in this situation?

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Rosario Hinojosa

I would paint the house pink and purple.   It matches now, fools! 


Michelle McCafferty

Since there seem to be so many regulations and she can't just paint her house to match, send this one to Aubree's house and buy the little tikes play house for Grandma's yard.

Shantel Scardina

It is simple, don't buy a home in an area with an HOA.

mrssu... mrssundin

So community who dont have HOA are not structured nice to know. Sounds like to me that people who live in HOA like being bossed around cause they can't handle thinking on their own.

Adeline Despinos

Grandma should paint the playhouse purple with pink polka dots and the roof in rainbow stripes then paint her house the same. Then that would match and be in keeping with the rules. Stupid rules, this is why I will never live in one of these "community" settings. I don't need anyone telling me what I can and can't do on my property. The government has that covered already.


sweet... sweettigeress

All she has to do is say, "it's not a shed or a garage, it's a playhouse". Problem solved. HOA's are shit anyway. They do whatever they can to start crap. 

Ashley Grauberger

Just paint it, not worth the trouble. I have the same rules where I live and I'm well aware of them. I always decided to paint my daughters play house the color of my house, it's cute. What if you paint Grandmas house pink and purple to match the play house? That would really piss off the HOA, lol. Keep the play house, just follow their rules and paint it. Or re paint both house to what ever color suits you both.

CeeGee81 CeeGee81

Id paint my house pink and purple :)

Elisabeth Cardenas

paint the house pink n garage/shed if they have one........owell......n geesh its not that big of a deal stepford waannabes smh

angel... angelsiepker

I immediately said "paint your house pink Grandma!" glad to see I am not alone.

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