Parents Let 2-Year-Old Drive & Post It On Facebook (VIDEO)

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boy drivingParents let their kids sit on their laps and "drive" all the time, right? So it shouldn't be a big deal that a father in North Carolina hoisted his 2-year-old onto his lap and let the little boy "steer" them home, right? Well, hmm, that's up for debate.

When my dad let me sit on his lap and drive when I was 3 or 4, it was from the driveway into the garage. This couple thought it'd be cool if they let their son take the wheel on a two-lane highway, in the rain. They also thought it'd be tops if they took video of it all and posted it on Facebook.

That was not some stellar decision making. Besides the fact that they put their son in danger by letting him ride outside of his car-seat, they shared a video of their bold choice on social media. That's what gets me.

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Parents have to weigh a lot of options. Do they want to listen to a hissy fit for an hour, or give in and let the kid have a second cookie? Do they want to let them cry it out, or let Junior sleep with mommy and daddy? Do they want to share a cool experience "driving" together, or play it safe and keep everyone buckled up?

Moms and dads balance (what seems like) hundreds of these options every minute. Sometimes they make good choices, sometimes they make terrible ones, but if there are more positives than negatives, they're doing a pretty OK job.

However, it gets tricky when you expose, or brag about, one of those weak parenting moments. This N.C. couple, although they supposedly now regret their choice to let their toddler drive, took to Facebook to boast that their boy's a great driver, lol, and, well, that's not good.

You're allowed to make bad decisions as a parent (for the most part), but common sense should stop you from sharing those not-awesome decisions with the world. Because once someone starts taking pride in their poor choices, that's when you have to begin to worry.

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Tanya Frey

I see Meka only read the article AFTER she commented.

In the highway AND the rain? What if someone hit them? They are so stupid. If you want to do something like that do it while pulling into/out of your garage/driveway. OMG.

nonmember avatar SJ

@ Meka Nichols - You are an imbecile. Do you even know what that means.. Probably not.

Katy Yañez

We do that with our kids BUT (big but here just not the one you sit on, lol) never in bad weather, never on busy roads. Just on quiet country roads that get nearly zero traffic and we drive super slow. What these people did is just scary and irresponsible. But knowing how the "journalists" on this site aren't exactly top notch I wouldn't be surprised if they got something wrong. 

Melissa Kay Rhodes

They shouldn't have done it on a highway now in a yard or down there driveway (if they live in country) ok but never a busy road we use to do it when my so called father drove a 18 wheeler & we get to help "drive it" into the gate but that's it

nonmember avatar Erin

Those parents are so irresponsible! They put all of their lives in danger. Especially the little boys! If by an unfortunate situation, they got into an accident, that little boy would have been killed for sure. Never let ur child out of their carseat! As a child I was able to drive on my parents lap only up the driveway. I think the parents needs to face a consequence. Not saying to take the kid away but something to teach them to never do that again!

Rhonda Quinones

its one thing to let the child drive in your own personal driveway but on a road and not in a car seat screams ignorance

Christina Mobley

I think this is pushing it, on a rainy 2 lane road. I let my 4 year old on my lap on my dirt road and that's it. He doesnt get to get on payment by any means

nonmember avatar Christine

I am disturbed by this article and even more disturbed by the comments that think this is ok. I admit to making mistakes as a parent, so kudos to the parents that said they made the mistake, but to defend them? Wow! Doesn't anyone remember Britney Spears a few years ago got fined for driving with her child on her lap. Also, yes, my parents didn't use carseats like we have today and I am alive, but cars are also much smaller and no longer made of heavy duty materials, mostly plastic. The nose of our station wagon growing up was the size of our family car now. I believe auto deaths are down now (1.1 per 100million miles traveled) from what they were in 1970 (4.7 per 100million miles traveled). Maybe because we have LAWS and SAFETY MATERIALS designed to protect us!

nonmember avatar erik word

Some people don't need to be parents.never would I take my 2year old out of his car seat let alone allow him to steer my vehicle on a rainy two lane highway.

nonmember avatar Amy

@Becky Hudson- so you think it's not a big deal that a 2 year old is out of his car seat & sitting in his dad's lap steering the car on the highway, in the rain?? Your just as stupid as these parents!!

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