Police Fine Mom When 2-Year-Old Pees on Sidewalk

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Nathaniel RobboyHere's a story that will totally piss off anyone who has tried to potty train a toddler (pun totally intended). Philadelphia mom Caroline Robboy was given both a ticket and a lecture by a police officer this past Sunday evening because her 2-year-old potty-training son, Nathaniel, couldn't hold it.

I kid you not. She told NBC10 that they were in a store with her two other children and elderly in-laws when the toddler said he needed to go. She asked if they could use the restroom, and they were "told no." Upon exiting the store the boy couldn't hold it and ran over to a pole on the sidewalk to get some relief.

When she saw what was happening, she tried to at least get him to move to a grassy patch, but it was too late. A police officer saw it and busted them, issuing her a $50 ticket for public urination.

She told the station, “He said, ‘I’m doing this for your own protection' because God forbid there might have been a pervert out there looking at my son."

Unbelievable, right?

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When a 2-year-old needs to go, a 2-year-old needs to go, and while outside on a public street isn't ideal, sometimes that's what needs to happen. Dogs do it all the time, so it's not that big of a deal. I wouldn't encourage my son to do so except in an emergency, but there were plenty of times that we had no other choice than to go in a corner of a parking garage or at a park. It happens. 

As for any perverts, in the heat of the moment, I'd be pretty willing to take my chances that one didn't just happen to be standing there for the two seconds it takes for a kid  to go. Talk about paranoia. Besides, the street seems a lot less sketchy than public restrooms in that regard.

Robboy says she plans to fight the ticket, as she should.

It’s not about the $50. I want a place that feels friendly to me where my children feel safe and have positive experiences with police officers.

Hopefully she'll get some justice. Here she is talking more about the incident.

Do find it outrageous that this mother was ticketed because her 2-year-old peed on the street?


Image via NBC Philadelphia

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Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

And if he's still potty training why the heck wasn't he in a pull up????? I have two kids, and neither of them ever had to pee on the street during the potty training process.

Kim Knoll

As the mother of a three year old son; been there, done that. What frustrates me is it would have been perfectly acceptable if he would have just peed in his pants. Because that's what would have happened if he didn't make it to a restroom. When my son was potty training we were at a public pool and he pulled his swimming trunks down and started urinating into the baby pool. I caught him, rushed him to the restroom, and had a good talk with him. But I was overjoyed knowing that at least he wasn't secretely peeing in the pool like many other kids.

nonmember avatar teri

When a kid being potty trained has to go they have already reached the urgent part and need to go now. Especially when you miss the toddler's suttle signals. When a business says no to using their bathroom you have just seconds to find a place. There have been times when we used the open cardoor thing. There was one incident in which one of my grandson's just pulled down his pants in the middle of Walmart and went. The family just came back from an outdoor camping trip, they had to try to explain what was good and bad places to go. Potty training is learning for both the parent and child. If you have ever been shopping and it is not a big department store or food chain you can not use their bathroom because they want to keep it nice for employees. Very rarely do they allow a toddler or a very pregnant woman to use them. Maybe mom needs to have a game plan the next time she goes shopping with bathrooms available or get a sitter or barter with a friend for services you need with what she needs. As far as the policeman, yeah he gave the ticket but he could have made it a warning. Apparently he's never been around kids potty training.

wyatt... wyattsmom2009

Must be nice to have perfect children. I have a 3 year old who is potty training.  I wouldn't want him to pee in the street but if it happened oh well. Get over it. Kids don't use the potty when you want them to.  If you actually took the time to read the story, you would see it says when they got outside HE ran over and peed on the pole. Mom didn't tell him to. Get your facts straight before you criticize people. 

nonmember avatar Two

Why not a warning? Why did the cop have to go so far as to issue a ticket? Yes, it can be considered gross but he wasn't doing in the middle of the sidewalk, it was on a pole and I highly doubt any of you are pole walkers. Kids are quick and the mom was trying to get him to a bathroom and even after he whipped it out, she tried to get him to another area. The cop could have casually mentioned that it isn't ok to do that and moved on. The ticket was a bit much. If you think walking in pee on a public ground is gross, you should probably stay home because you have NO idea what you are walking in on a daily basis smh

paren... parentalrights1

What a bunch of shitheads in the comments.

I hope the mom wins.

John Ng Mc

Just one mean officer!

Cris WRen

wow. my son is 6 and has peed outside at times when there was no other option. yea we might have been 50 feet from the store entrance, but guess what? when a kid has to go they ahve to go. THey cant hold it like adults can. Esp when theyre potty triaining. making a kid wait to go to the bathroom when he literally is peeein on himself is like saying oh itll be okay pee on yourself since we cant make it to the bathroom. And having a little girl is even harder. I always tried to make it to some back corner of a parking lot or somewhere it wasnt oging to be in the "publics" way or whatever. but sometimes it just doesnt happen.

Autumn Russell-Miller

I love the suggestions for using pull-ups! It makes me laugh, literally, out loud. My son was difficult to train and we did the whole pull-up thing, only to be told by our doctor, a professional, that pull-ups feel just like diapers to a child and actually hinder the potty training process! We did away with the pull-ups and only used big boy underpants and surprise surprise 100% potty trained within 2 weeks! Now I'm not saying he didn't and still doesn't have an occasional accident. But most of his accidents stem from incidents when we are out and about and a store has a no public restroom policy. I don't think that this mom deserves the fine, a warning would have been sufficient seeing as it was a young child! Pull-ups, you people seriously are kidding me right?!?!?!

Jennifer A. Froning-Croffoot

I'm surprised at all the people that support the cop. They must have never had a child. Lots of stores don't let you use their bathrooms even if you explain the situation. What did you expect the poor kid to do - wet his pants? It still would have gotten on the ground.I think the judge will laugh it out of court. And to suggest that the cop will lose his job is a total joke. They beat people and don't lose their jobs. He could have least given a warning.

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