Police Fine Mom When 2-Year-Old Pees on Sidewalk

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Nathaniel RobboyHere's a story that will totally piss off anyone who has tried to potty train a toddler (pun totally intended). Philadelphia mom Caroline Robboy was given both a ticket and a lecture by a police officer this past Sunday evening because her 2-year-old potty-training son, Nathaniel, couldn't hold it.

I kid you not. She told NBC10 that they were in a store with her two other children and elderly in-laws when the toddler said he needed to go. She asked if they could use the restroom, and they were "told no." Upon exiting the store the boy couldn't hold it and ran over to a pole on the sidewalk to get some relief.

When she saw what was happening, she tried to at least get him to move to a grassy patch, but it was too late. A police officer saw it and busted them, issuing her a $50 ticket for public urination.

She told the station, “He said, ‘I’m doing this for your own protection' because God forbid there might have been a pervert out there looking at my son."

Unbelievable, right?

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When a 2-year-old needs to go, a 2-year-old needs to go, and while outside on a public street isn't ideal, sometimes that's what needs to happen. Dogs do it all the time, so it's not that big of a deal. I wouldn't encourage my son to do so except in an emergency, but there were plenty of times that we had no other choice than to go in a corner of a parking garage or at a park. It happens. 

As for any perverts, in the heat of the moment, I'd be pretty willing to take my chances that one didn't just happen to be standing there for the two seconds it takes for a kid  to go. Talk about paranoia. Besides, the street seems a lot less sketchy than public restrooms in that regard.

Robboy says she plans to fight the ticket, as she should.

It’s not about the $50. I want a place that feels friendly to me where my children feel safe and have positive experiences with police officers.

Hopefully she'll get some justice. Here she is talking more about the incident.

Do find it outrageous that this mother was ticketed because her 2-year-old peed on the street?


Image via NBC Philadelphia

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Megan Olson

Why didn't the store employees let the kid use the bathroom? They should have!

Jessica Doyle

if your kid has to pee then he has to pee the cop can get over it how would he feel if his kid had to pee i mean really would he rather have his son with a bladder infection or urinary track cause he forced him or her to hold in their pee stupid world is coming to an end

Amanda Packer Streeter

@ Gene Bunt- Are you serious?????? That is a disgusting comment!!!! How can  you say something like that?  Yes, not all cops are the greatest people in the world, but all in all, they go out every day wearing a bullet proof vest half expecting to get hurt, and they deserve a hell of a lot better than to have death wished upon them by the likes of you!  Heartless people like you really make me sick!!!  I feel for the poor kid and his mom, those situations are always rough, but I'll admit, my son has peed in public a few times.  Always when its an absolute emergency, and i always hide him.  but if I was issued a ticket for it, sure I'd be upset, but its still the law, no matter the age, and you just have to suck it up anddeal with it...THAT'S LIFE PEOPLE!

gamma4 gamma4

You break the law and get caught well its your fault not the cops..I potty trained more kids than I can count and never did any pee on the side walk..if not totally trained then they wore pull ups or training pants with rubber pants until they were never had an emergency that they went in public that is why it is called training they are not out of diapers fully so they have an accident cuz you didn't take them when a potty was available. 10 mins before you walked into that store. It is not that stores problem they don't have a public restroom for you to use!!!!!

Amanda Eidem

My little ones have done the same thing. Turn around and there is one peeing in the grass or off the front steps or whatever. Kids have to go they can't hold it and you can't control it. She did nothing wrong and she did not humiliate her son. Seriously......Some people shouldn't even comment. And to MOM.....FIGHT THAT TICKET!


caribba caribba

Such self righteous perfect people! Wow!!

Christina Waltz

Some of these comments are so idiotic...things happen..and if any of you had any real life experiences ..you would know that she didn't have the time to make all these appropriate choices...get real!She doesn't deserve the ticket! Maybe she she carry a potty chair in her back pocket...you can't plan when a child has to pee..even if he has already gone...public urination ticket for a potty training 2 year old...ridiculous!

wamom223 wamom223

Come on people how many children in this country get potty trained a year without peeing on things.  Part of potty training your child is to teach them to communicate when they have to go, and to hold it for at least a short amount of time.  She says this is the first time, but we all know that mother that lets her boy pee outside all the time and has sent a mixed signal.  She should pay the ticket and be better prepared next time.  Why in the world wouldn't you take your child to the potty after eating at restaurant?  If he'd written her a five hundred dollar ticket I would say fight it, but for fifty bucks the officer is trying to make a point and a good one at that.  

wamom223 wamom223

Christina what are you talking about?  This is site for Moms, almost all of us have life experience.  Children are potty trained all the time without this happening and once you open the pee outside door it can be hard to close.  Not to mention its not a good idea to send your child the message that its okay to expose themselves in public.  

Natalie Frisbie

This is not a case of bad parenting.  If a kid who is new to potty training has to go, they generally have to go NOW.  Personally, I'm impressed that, at 2 yrs, he had the foresight to get to the side and pull it out, rather than just letting it run down his leg where he stood.  And for those of you who are so grosses out by the chance of accidentally walking through some kid pee because he was bursting, maybe you should just move away from all people and never have to worry about it again.  

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