'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Gives New Dog a Name No Toddler Should Hear

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Jenelle EvansThe only good news here is that Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans' latest family addition is NOT another human being. After that, it's all just one more big sign of her immaturity.

The new addition is in fact a white fluffy puppy whose official name is "Gracie". She's absolutely adorable, but you know who else is adorable? Jace -- Jenelle's own flesh-and-blood who she can't even care for herself. She already has one dog she shouldn't -- a pitbull named Brody who her mother, Barbara Evans, won't even let the boy be around. Janelle seems much more worried about the dogs getting along than she does about anything regarding her son. When a fan asked how the two dogs get along, she tweeted, "They get along perfect!"

Then she went on to reveal the completely inappropriate nickname she has for the dog.

She tweeted: "We refer to her ass lol she's a hassel."

Little Bitch? What a name to give your dog when you have a child who will likely hear you use that name at some point. Is that really what you want to have him go around saying? I'm sure Barbara isn't going to be a big fan either, and if Jenelle is so concerned about seeing her son, you'd think she'd be a bit more careful.

I'm no prude, but I cringe when my toddler daughter says "butt," and I work pretty hard to keep her language as clean as possible. I don't think it's the end of the world if my kids use off-color language, and I'm sure they will at some point, but in the interest of good manners and setting good habits, I try to keep them in line. Sure, mommy and daddy might slip sometimes, but giving your dog such a nasty name is just irresponsible and tasteless.

It would be nice to see Jenelle care as much about getting Jace back as she seems to about these dogs. There's nothing wrong with dogs, but a girl has to have (or should have) priorities. It's kind of a bitch, I know, but that's way the grown-up world works.

Do you think it's inappropriate for Jenelle Evans to call her dog "Little Bitch"?


Image via MTV

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dirti... dirtiekittie

i want to preface this with - i don't care for jenelle and i think of all the teen mom's i've seen thus far, she's been the saddest excuse for a parent ever.


i also believe that there are times that grown up words and grown up conversation come into play. i've called my cat some pretty unfriendly names when he's attacked my toes or something, and i certainly wouldn't want my children to start using profanity. but this article comes across as if once you've had a child, you've got to Disney up your language as a parent. in the presence of children, i agree wholeheartedly. as jenelle hasn't proven she can even be trusted in the same building as her child, let alone room, i hardly think it's an issue at this point.

(and i'd also gather a guess that "little bitch" is HARDLY the worst thing that's ever come out of this girl's mouth.)

Mary Fowler

We have a cat named dam pirate because my 7 yr old grandaughter wanted to call him vampire but can not say it right.Of course in front of her we say it like vampire.

Kristyn Williams

Regardless of what she calls her dogs, she will always be looked down upon as a mother... so anything the tabloids can get on her is just extra bait. I don't care for Jenelle, I know some people are unfit to be mothers but she just doesnt care and is doing anything she possibly can for attention.. SAD.. Girl.. get in school, get a career going and be a mother to your child. Geez!

nonmember avatar lacey

So I'd love to know what's wrong with her having a pitbull??? There amazing dogs n great with children. Your more likely to get but by done stupid lil thing than a pitbull. STOP JUDGING A DOG BY THE DANG BREED!!!!

Airabelle Le To

um i one think that she is a unfit mother and she always has been she dont need her son hes better off where hes at and if anything happens to her mom i think the child should go to foster care bc if they give him to jenelle she could get back on drugs and her son could get killed or anything!

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

I dont care WHAT she calls her dogs. The fact that she seems more concerned with them than her son bugs me to no end. She needs to grow up and become a real mommy. I was a mom for the first time at 19, I grew the hell up and became an adult. She needs to as well. 
   Side note: Her eyebrows bug me. LOL. even before I knew who she was I saw her picture and they just drive me nuts.  

natal... natalia1220

What a sad excuse for a parent

nonmember avatar Stephanie

At the moment, Janelle doesn't have her son, and her mom won't let him around the pit, which is so stereotypical...but since Jace isn't around right now, who cares what she nick-named the dog? I call my sog a bitch sometimes, who is pit and chow mix and my neice's and nephew are around her, but I don't call her that with the kids around. She's not by any means the best parent in the world, but if she didn't care for Jace, she would have never let her mom get custody of him.

Christina Leigh

Uhm, first of all, Little Bitch is NOT the dog's actual name, people.  It's like a nickname.  And I'm sure that she wouldn't use that nickname around her son.  Think with your heads for once, geez.  Jace isn't even around the dog, and as far as I'm concerned, as long as he doesn't hear it or repeat it, there's no problem.  What's next, you guys are gonna criticize me for calling my 26 pound cat Fatass?  None of you should be judging.

nonmember avatar autumn

She loves her son enough to let her mom have him...I dislike. Nobody hopefully she will grow up realize what's important in life her son...And get him back

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