Little Girl Has Disturbing Realization About Daddies & Mommies (VIDEO)

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daddy has a what?It's one of the biggest, most profound revelations of toddlerhood: Boys and girls have different ... stuff. And watching a kid have this epiphany is beyond priceless because, once the basic anatomical reality sets in, every child goes through the same hilarious process: The systematic categorization of family members and friends by, well, their corresponding gender-specific parts. Which is exactly the experience little Bailey is having in this video.

And all you can do as a parent, really, is to sit back and either confirm or deny. And try not to laugh TOO hard.

Suffice it to say, Bailey seems just a tad bit disturbed -- and who can blame her? I mean, really. Who wouldn't make a face like that when forced to consider (for the first and hopefully last time) her grandma's "pagina"?

Just watch:

My favorite part of this video, hands-down: "Mommy doesn't have any penises." Oh, dear. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, Bailey!

Has your little one had the penis/pagina epiphany yet?


Image via psychosoprano/YouTube

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MIA0223 MIA0223

Yes, she is 4, knows all about it. Lol.

About a year ago it had to be adressed because she walked in in DH in the bathroom and wanted to know why daddy's stuff was funny looking.

And side note: why the heck was that little ones carseat in the front seat??? Not safe!

cooki... cookinmommyof1

When ds learned the proper anatomical parts/names he was very vocal about it. Still is time to time. One day we were at pizza hutwith my parents, sister, and grandmother and he says not too quietly "im a boy so I have a penis. Grandma is a girl and has a vagina. And grammy has a vagine, and aunt jen has a vagina. Papa is a boy, too, so he has a penis, and mommy has a vagina." Funniest thing ever!

nonmember avatar Mike M

One thing that sets humans apart from all other life on this planet is that we have a greater intelligence. And in order for us to make the most of our intelligence we have curiosity. If we weren't curious about that which we don't know then we wouldn't learn much. If we didn't learn much then we wouldn't become very knowledgeable. And without much knowledge we wouldn't benefit from the ability to make choices that are based on our knowledge.

So, why is it that when it comes to the sexual nature of the human body is it so common for adults to prefer ignorance over knowledge? What harm comes from knowledge and wisdom that can be avoided by being ignorant? (I ask this as someone who as a child felt that I couldn't trust adults to be honest with me with topics such as sex. I don't know about others, but I certainly want others to feel that I am an honest, open, and trustworthy individual. Also, I care enough about others that I want to help give them the knowledge and wisdom that they can use to make wise choices on their own so that they don't have to learn things through trial and error [which can result in ill health, suffering, and even death.])

DebaLa DebaLa

I wish it was called a 'pagina.'

nonmember avatar princessa

That was way too cute. I watched it quite a few times and almost woke my boyfriend up laughing :)

Jespren Jespren

My almost 4 year old gets the concept and did this all about 6 months ago, but, he doesn't believe me that it's a vagina, he insists it's a "front butt". So as he says "boys have a butt and a penis, girls only have a butt".

dreab... dreabug23

My son calls it a 'girl wiener.'

nonmember avatar Squirrel621

My 2-year-old daughter walked in on my huband using the toilet a few days ago and said "Daddy, you have a hose coming from your butt!" She was shocked! I think it may be time for the penis/vagina talk at our house :/

banan... banana-bear

That was cute! Mia, I'm pretty sure she's in the 2nd row of a van or SUV. I'm more worried about the thick coat she has on in the harness.

Missy Anne Monarch

That looks like a mini-van Mia. I guess the coat doesn't look super poofy because the straps aren't digging into the fabric...

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